Unlocking the World of 3D House Tours: No Specialized Skills Required

CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
5 min read
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Do I need any specialized skills to make a 3D house tour?

Do you wish to present your property in an engaging and interactive way? Do you want to sell your products more quickly and draw in more customers? If so, constructing a 3D house tour could be of interest to you.

A 3D house tour is a virtual depiction of a real location that enables visitors to explore it from various angles and views. A 3D house tour provides a feeling of the depth, scale, and layout of the room in contrast to conventional images or movies. Additionally, it allows for movement, panning, zooming, and rotation so that viewers may interact with the area.

But how can you make a 3D house tour? Do you require any specialized education or abilities? The response is, “It depends.”

Depending on your time, money, and quality requirements, there are several approaches to make a 3D house tour. Some of the most popular techniques are listed below:

Using a smartphone app

Smartphone App

The simplest and least expensive method to make a 3D house tour is to utilize a smartphone app. All you need is a smartphone with a camera and a 360-degree photo stitching software. The program will automatically produce a 3D model that you can publish online if all you do is go about the area and snap images with your phone. Due to the limits of smartphone cameras in terms of capturing details, lighting, and colors, this approach might not offer the highest quality or accuracy.

Using a 360-degree camera

Insta360 Camera

This is a more sophisticated and pricey method of doing a 3D home tour. A gadget that can take a single picture of the whole scene is a 360-degree camera. Ricoh Theta V, Insta360 One X, and GoPro Max are a few examples of such cameras. The camera must be mounted on a tripod or monopod and placed throughout the area in various positions. The camera will take several pictures and movies, which you can send to an internet platform to have a 3D model of you made. Compared to utilizing a smartphone app, this approach can result in results that are higher quality and more realistic, but it also takes more time and work.

Using a professional service

Professional Photographer

This is the easiest and most dependable option to make a 3D house tour. You can work with a qualified photographer or business that specializes in making 3D tours of real estate. To effectively record and process the space, they will make use of specialized tools and software. They will also take care of the 3D tour’s editing, hosting, and sharing on your behalf. Although it is more expensive than the other ways, this approach can ensure the highest level of quality and accuracy for the 3D tour.

As you can see, making a 3D house tour involves certain trade-offs between cost, time, and quality but does not always call for specialized training or expertise. You must choose the approach that best satisfies your requirements and financial constraints.

Whichever approach you go with, doing a 3D house tour may be a terrific way to present your property in a captivating and creative way. You may distinguish yourself from the competition, draw in more customers, and close sales more quickly.

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