Unleashing Your Creativity: Making Stunning Virtual Tours with Google Street View Software

What features does Google Street View’s virtual tour software have?

A feature of Google Maps called Google Street View stitches together billions of panoramic photographs to give viewers a 360-degree view of the whole planet. Specialized cameras are used to take these pictures, and they are put to a variety of gadgets and vehicles, including bikes, cars, boats, backpacks, and even animals. Users may use the arrows on the map or click and drag on the screen to move around the panoramas. Additionally, they can see historical images of select areas and zoom in and out, switch to satellite or landscape view.

Google Street View is a tool for more than just exploration and discovery, though. It also serves as a platform for users to build and distribute their own virtual tours utilizing 360-degree images. You may utilize Google Street View virtual tour software to create your own immersive experiences, whether you want to promote your company, record your trips, or capture your neighborhood. We will describe the characteristics of the program and how it functions in this post.

What is the operation of the Google Street View virtual tour software?

A number of technologies and methodologies comprise the foundation of the software that enables Google Street View virtual tours, including:

  • Image-based rendering: This refers to the use of photos as the information source rather than the creation of a 3D model of the environment. The photographs are aligned and mixed together to form a seamless panorama after being taken from different perspectives and positions.
  • Depth maps: These maps show how distant from the camera each pixel in the image is. When exploring the panorama, the program may produce a realistic viewpoint and avoid distortions by employing depth maps.
  • GIS data: This is short for geographic information system data, which is what is utilized to arrange and present geographical data. GIS data, which is utilized to position the panoramas on the map, contains coordinates, elevation, roads, landmarks, and other characteristics.
  • Machine learning algorithms: These are programs that can recognize, classify, and predict things based on data. The software employs machine learning techniques to identify and hide faces, license plates, and other sensitive information in the photographs.

What features does Google Street View’s virtual tour software have?

The following are some aspects of the Google Street View virtual tour software:

  • Compatibility with various cameras: You may use a variety of cameras to record 360-degree imagery that are compatible with Street View. There are inexpensive devices like the GoPro Max or Insta360 ONE X2 as well as expensive ones like the Insta360 Pro 2 or Labpano Pilot Era.Additionally, you may utilize your smartphone with a spherical camera app or a 360-degree lens adapter.2
  • Easy uploading and editing: You may submit your 360-degree films or photographs to Google using the software or app that came with your camera or the Street View app on your smartphone. To manage and modify your photos, you may also utilize the Street View Studio program on your PC.Your panoramas’ position, orientation, brightness, contrast, and other parameters may all be changed.
  • Customizable connections: You may link your panoramas to produce a continuous virtual tour that people can follow 2. Your tour may be improved by using transitions, labels, audio, narration, and other components.Additionally, you have the option to integrate your tour into other Street View images on your website or social media.Unveiling the magic of how Google Street View software enables virtual tours is described in 2.
  • Visibility and analytics: Your virtual tour may be made public on Google Maps or kept private for your personal use. On Google Maps, you can keep track of how many people watch, like, comment on, and share your trip.Heatmaps and graphs[2] are additional tools you may employ to monitor user interaction with your tour.(https://www.cloudpano.com/blog/unveiling-the-magic-how-google-street-view-software-powers-virtual-tours)

How do I use Google Street View software to make my own virtual tours?

You’ll need these things in order to make your own virtual tours with Google Street View software:

  • A camera compatible with Street View.Here is a list of cameras that are compatible.
  • A camera tripod or mounting for your camera 2.A vehicle or helmet mount may be used for outside settings, while a tiny tripod or monopod can be used indoors.2
  • Internet-connected devices, such as a computer or smartphone.You’ll need this to change the settings on your camera, see your images, and submit them to Google.2
  • A Google account is required.Access to the Street View Studio is required in order to manage and distribute your 360-degree imagery.2

How to make your own virtual tours using Google Street View software

The methods below will show you how to make your own virtual tours using Google Street View software.

1. Use 360-degree photography or video

Start and stop recording, adjust exposure and resolution, and other settings may all be done using the app or program that came with your camera. You may also use voice commands or a remote control if your camera is compatible with them. Try to capture movies that are stable and don’t shake or tilt too much.Do not photograph license plates or people’s faces.

2. Upload your images or videos to Google

To submit your 360-degree photography to Google, use the program or software that comes with your camera or the Street View app on your smartphone.Using your computer’s Street View Studio, you may also upload your images from a local folder or a cloud storage platform.

3. Edit your images or videos on Google

Manage and edit your 360-degree photography with the Street View Studio on your PC. Your panoramas’ position, orientation, brightness, contrast, and other parameters may all be changed.In order to create a continuous virtual tour that people may follow, you can also connect your panoramas.

4. Add audio, narration, transitions, labels, and other elements to your tour

Use the Street View Studio on your computer to add more components to your virtual tour. Panoramic transitions may be added, including fades, zooms, and spins. Labels can be added to highlight important information, such as names, descriptions, or links.You can also include audio or commentary to give your audience additional information or direction.

5. Publish or share your tour on Google Maps or other online destinations

To publish or share your virtual tour, use the Street View Studio application on your PC. You have the option of making your tour public or private for your personal use on Google Maps.By emailing them a link or including it on your website or social media, you can also let others know about your trip.


The virtual tour software for Google Street View is a potent and adaptable tool for producing and disseminating immersive experiences utilizing 360-degree data. It stitches together billions of panoramic photographs to create a virtual depiction of our surroundings on Google Maps using image-based rendering, depth maps, GIS data, and machine learning algorithms. Users may create their own virtual tours using a variety of cameras and devices, and they can then personalize them with transitions, labeling, audio, narration, and other features. Users may analyze their performance and engagement using analytics, publish or share their tours on Google Maps or elsewhere, and publish or share their tours.

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