The Real Estate Virtual Tour Software Pricing Guide: Matterport vs CloudPano 3D Virtual Tours

CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
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Matterport vs Cloudpano: A Real Estate Virtual Tour Pricing Guide

You are probably searching for a suitable real estate virtual tour pricing guide with high-quality services without breaking the bank. Choosing the right one can be a challenge because there are several with many different offers. Fortunately, this guide addresses in detail the Matterport vs Cloudpano 3D virtual tours debate.

CloudPano 3D Virtual Tours

The first virtual tour tool suggestion on our list is CloudPano, available with a relatively affordable pricing tag. It offers an exceptional real estate virtual tour pricing range, making it suitable for large-scale projects. Below is a pros/cons guide and some of the details of each pricing package you should expect:


  • Comes with a lead capture tool with real estate marketing goals in mind.
  • The 3D virtual tours are of high quality.
  • Users can access brand and logo customization features.
  • It also integrates with social media accounts and offers real-time metrics.
  • The pricing plan is affordable compared to all the features it provides.
  • It features a dynamic pricing plan that can suit many different real estate business needs.


  • The customer support team is busy at times, so it might take a day or two to reach them.

Free Package

  • Price: $0.
  • Expiry date: 3 months.
  • Features: unlimited 360 photos, branding logo integration features, hotspots, and gyroscope enabled motion control.


  • Price: $19 / month.
  • Expiry: no expiry.
  • Features: Unlimited 360 photos, share anywhere, site integration, and hotspots.

Pro Plus

  • Price: $33/month and paid annually per user.
  • Expiry: no expiry paid annually per user.
  • Features: bring your URL, 8K photo uploads, Google Analytics, Team Collaboration, and Lead Capture Tool.

Pro Plus Business

  • Price: customized upon request.
  • Expiry: no expiry.
  • Features: custom integrations, custom training, hardware onboarding, host account bundles, dedicated account management, and team workflows.

Matterport Real Estate Virtual Tour and Pricing Guide

Matterport is one of the other alternatives in the real estate virtual tour field. It’s an all in one software that offers access to panoramic scans and interactive 3D real estate tours. Below is a list of its pros and cons:


  • Comes with efficient and effective 3D modelling suitable for real estate tours.
  • It also features a 2D black and white floor plan for space management.
  • The footage works well for both photographers and professionals.
  • It is easy to integrate with the platform.


  • Not possible to share the footage captured on platforms such as Zillow.
  • It’s more costly than the packages that are available with Cloudpano.
  • The 3d virtual tours for real estate take a significant amount of time to load and process.

Below is a list of the pricing guide that the Matterport brand provides:


  • Price: $0 – no expiry/month.
  • Spaces – 1.
  • Users – 1 -2.
  • Supported devices – 2.
  • Top features – private cloud viewing, take measures and downloading photos or videos.


  • Price: $9.99/month.
  • Spaces – 5
  • Users - 2
  • Supported device – capture services, android and ios devices.
  • Top features – schematic floor plans, basic space analytics, share and embed anywhere.

Pro Business

  • Price: $69/month.
  • Spaces – 5.
  • Users - 5.
  • Supported devices – android devices, supported cameras, and capture services.
  • Features: team collaboration, automatic face blurring, space traffic analytics, and BIM files.


  • Price – custom charges
  • Spaces – custom.
  • Users – custom.
  • Support devices: Ios, android devices, capture services and cameras.
  • Features: volume discount pricing, technical support, capture services volume discount pricing.

If you need help deciding on a 3D virtual tour platform that is best suited for you reach out to a trained CloudPano specialist by clicking the chat button in the bottom right at any time for a fully transparent discovery call.


In the dynamic landscape of real estate virtual tours, the choice between Matterport and CloudPano presents a pivotal decision. This comprehensive pricing guide has illuminated the intricate details of each option, enabling you to navigate the delicate balance between quality and cost-effectiveness. With CloudPano's accessible pricing and versatile features geared toward real estate marketing needs, and Matterport's robust 3D modeling capabilities and integrations, you're equipped to make an informed choice.

Whether you seek affordability or cutting-edge features, the Matterport vs. CloudPano debate offers a tailored solution for your real estate virtual tour endeavors. The road ahead is clearer now, allowing you to confidently select the platform that aligns with your objectives and ushers in a new era of immersive real estate experiences. Should you need further guidance in this journey, a dedicated CloudPano specialist is just a chat away, ready to offer transparent insights through a discovery call.

Visit and embark on your journey towards creating captivating virtual tours that leave a lasting impression. Your clients will thank you, and your business will never be the same again!

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