Maximizing Reach: Integrating Your Insta360 Virtual Tour on Website and Social Channels

Can I put the Insta360 virtual tour I made on my website or social media page?

Virtual tours are a fantastic method to present your home, company, or event to potential clients, guests, or visitors. They enable you to design an immersive and engaging experience that can hold your audience’s interest. But how can you simply and cheaply construct a virtual tour? How do you spread it over the world?

In this post, we’ll provide you with the information you need to construct a virtual tour using the Insta360 camera and a few well-known software programs, as well as instructions on how to integrate your virtual tour on your website or social network profile.

The Insta360 camera is what?

With the 360-degree Insta360 camera, you can take stunning pictures and movies of anything around you. The Insta360 RS 1-Inch 360 Edition Virtual Tour Kit, the Insta360 X3, and the Insta360 ONE X are just a few of the several types and editions available. Although each model has unique benefits and characteristics, they all have the following things in common:

  • They are portable, light, and simple to operate. They may be held in your hand, mounted on a tripod, or mounted on a selfie stick.
  • They contain two lenses that allow them to take a 360-degree view of the area. Multiple photos don’t need to be aligned or stitched together.
  • They have Wi-Fi preview and control, allowing you to remotely change settings while viewing the footage on your smartphone or tablet. Wirelessly transferring your photographs and videos to your device for editing and sharing is another option.
  • They work well in low light and offer good image quality. They can record 5.7K 360 films and up to 21MP 360 pictures with breathtaking clarity and depth. Additionally, they offer features like HDR mode, night mode, and others that improve your photos in various lighting situations.
  • They allow you to simply build and distribute virtual tours because they are compatible with leading corporate software systems.

How can I use the Insta360 camera to make a virtual tour?

With the Insta360 camera, creating a virtual tour is surprisingly simple. All you need is an Insta360 camera, a selfie stick or tripod, a phone or tablet, and the software of your choosing. The general procedures are as follows:

  1. Position your camera on a tripod or selfie stick in the middle of the room, then move out of the view (perhaps behind a wall or into the adjacent room). Make sure the area is spotless, well-lit, and organized. Refrain from including reflections and other personal items in your photographs.
  2. From the App Store or Google Play store, download the software platform’s app. Before you can begin making virtual tours on certain platforms, you may need to create an account and select a plan. Some platforms let you test out their features before committing to a paying plan via free choices or trials.
  3. Use WiFi to link your phone or tablet to your Insta360 camera. Launch the software platform’s app and sign into your account. Connect to your camera using the instructions in the app, and start taking 360-degree photographs.
  4. In the room or area you wish to cover, move your camera to various places. Ensure that there is sufficient overlap between each place so that the program can seamlessly join them. For each position, tap the app’s capture button. Continue until you have photographed the whole area or property.
  5. Upload your 360-degree images to the software platform’s cloud account, where they will be processed to create a 3D representation of your environment. Depending on the size, clarity, and speed of your images as well as the speed of your internet connection, this might take some time.
  6. Use the tools and capabilities offered by the software platform to edit your virtual tour. You may customize your virtual tour by using labels, explanations, floor plans, hotspots, connections, music, voiceovers, and other components that make it more interesting and instructive.
  7. Check your virtual tour to make sure it functions and looks well across a variety of platforms and browsers.

How can I put the Insta360 virtual tour I made on my website or social media page?

Once you have created your virtual tour with the software platform of your choice, you can easily share it with the world by putting it on your website or social media page. Here are some of the ways you can do that:

  • Embedding: Most software platforms provide you with an embed code that you can copy and paste into your website’s HTML code or into a blog post or article. This will display your virtual tour as an interactive widget on your website that visitors can explore. You can also customize the size and appearance of the widget according to your preferences.
  • Linking: Another option is to simply share the link to your virtual tour that the software platform provides you with. You can post this link on your social media page, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, or send it via email or messaging apps. Anyone who clicks on the link will be able to view your virtual tour on the software platform’s website.
  • Downloading: Some software platforms also allow you to download your virtual tour as a file that you can store on your device or upload to another platform. For example, you can download your virtual tour as a ZIP file from Matterport and upload it to Google Street View or Google Maps. This will allow you to reach a wider audience and increase your visibility online.

In this post, we’ve demonstrated how to use the Insta360 camera together with a few well-liked software programs to produce and integrate a virtual tour.

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