How to Use a 360 Virtual Tour App For Real Estate Photography

It’s no secret that the world of e-commerce is changing, ushering in an era where a business can market, sell, and fulfill orders completely online. Included in this recent technological development is the practice of 360 photography and virtual tours. Virtual tours have changed the way consumers buy houses and cars, and even decide on event spaces. 

Bottom line: a virtual tour makes whatever you’re selling more accessible to the intended audience. Whether you’re a real estate firm looking to increase virtual traffic, or a busy mom looking to sell the old family car–anyone is capable of creating their own virtual tour with the help of an app.

  • What is a virtual tour?
  • Why should I use a virtual tour?
  • Creating a virtual tour with an app
  • Who needs a virtual tour app?

What is a Virtual Tour?

Simply put, a virtual tour uses technology like 360 spin photography and VR to create a virtual experience similar to what one would expect at the car dealership or open house. It showcases a car, home, event, or property in such a way that nothing is left to the imagination and no physical presence is necessary. To explore more about virtual tours, and experience what one looks like, check out this page on CloudPano’s website. 

Usually, producing 360 virtual tour photography means spending considerable amounts of time and money.

Why Should I Use a Virtual Tour?

According to an article by Consumer Reports, consumers of all ages have reported that shopping habits formed during the Covid-19 pandemic are habits they plan on continuing. This means that the record-low foot traffic experienced in physical stores across the world won’t be changing anytime soon. In fact, seventy-three percent of shoppers have increased their app use when shopping, finding it provides a more personable and less stressful experience. What does this mean for business owners? An online presence will only serve to expand business and reach an entirely new demographic of consumers, especially with e-commerce sales set to exceed one trillion by 2027 in the U.S. alone. 

Creating a Virtual Tour with an App

Creating a tour using 360 photography can be done in a few ways, but most include buying expensive camera equipment or hiring a media company. With a virtual tour app, the ability to create a tour is accessible to anyone with a smart device. For a great example of what an app should look like, check out this video by CloudPano. To create a virtual tour entirely from your phone, all it takes is opening the app, which utilizes the phone’s camera and following the prompts given. The app created by CloudPano even gives helpful tips as the tour is created, alerting the user when their phone is tilted at a suboptimal angle. Once the tour is completed, the finished product should save to the device’s camera roll, as well as the app. The ability to upload the finished product is as simple as the push of the “export” button.

For the true tech aficionados, there is additional equipment that can be used to further enhance your digital masterpiece. For example, Cloudpano offers a stand that stabilizes the phone as it records, and it swivels 360 degrees around. Not only will your viewers enjoy clear, uninterrupted images and video, but the stand also provides a baseline level of quality that ensures the outcome can only be considered luxury real estate photography–every time.  

Who Needs a Virtual Tour App?

It may seem like a 3d virtual tour is only for those looking to sell a home or car, but the technology can be beneficial to anyone. Photographers, especially, can use advanced 360 photography to showcase their skill in capturing events like weddings and corporate parties. For the amateur photographer, having an app that utilizes 360 photography on your personal phone may be a great way to start a career. 

Photographers of any trade, but especially those contracted to provide visuals for car lots and real estate, can blow their employers away using their very own phone and a simple app. Even photographers looking to capture every angle of an event could benefit from a stand that keeps each shot blur-free.

Luxury Photography at the Tip of Your Fingers

Elevate your marketing skills and impress a wider audience of potential buyers–no photography experience is necessary. With an app that provides both the technology and the instruction necessary for making stellar virtual tours, truly anyone is capable of transforming their online presence. For a video that truly breaks down each feature of a virtual tour app, check out this one. Not only does it provide an in-depth tutorial on using a virtual tour app, but it also provides examples of what finished products look like. If you’re still left wondering, feel free to explore this page, which not only showcases what a virtual tour is, it explains the idea behind 360 photography software. 

There’s no question that increasing your digital presence will reach a wider audience and sell more products. To create visuals that grab customers' attention without having to break the bank on buying new equipment or outsourcing labor, download a virtual tour app and have access to luxury photography right at your fingertips.

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