How many lenses does the Insta360 One RS have?

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April 30, 2024
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Capturing the Full 360 View: Dual Lenses on the Insta360 One RS

360 cameras need wide fields of view to be able to capture the entire environment in all directions. This full 360 coverage is achieved through specialized lenses. One of the most popular 360 cameras today is the Insta360 One RS, which uses dual fisheye lenses to create stunning immersive footage.

The Insta360 One RS actually has interchangeable camera modules, including a dedicated 360 module. This module contains dual 210 degree fisheye lenses. Each lens captures a hemispherical 180 degree view. By combining two of these lenses and stitching the footage together, the full 360 environment can be recorded.

Key Facts About the Lenses on the Insta360 One RS:

  • each lens has a 210 degree field of view
  • the dual lens setup enables 360 degree capture
  • maximum video resolution is 5.7K for the dual lens module
  • supports 30 fps filming in 5.7K
  • lenses are made from 6 element glass optics
  • aperture ranges from f/2.0 to f/3.2
  • captures 19 megapixel photos
  • creates immersive 360 content for VR headsets

The ultra wide lenses make it easy to capture everything in the scene. Vloggers can show their viewers the entire world around them. Action cameras can mount to vehicles and film racing, stunts, or outdoor adventures from every angle.

The high resolution 5.7K video provides crisp detail and clarity. Each frame can be zoomed or reframed during editing without loss of quality. This allows creators to produce engaging 4K videos from the 360 footage.

To learn more about the dual fisheye lens 360 module on the Insta360 One RS and see examples of videos created with this innovative camera, check out Insta360's official website. The 360 lenses produce stunning immersive content that connects audiences to experiences in a vivid, dynamic way.


The dual 210 degree fisheye lenses on the Insta360 One RS enable full 360 degree capture and immersive 5.7K video. This modular 360 camera provides creators with the tools to make engaging VR content and be innovative storytellers. The possibilities are endless with the Insta360 One RS thanks to its specialized dual lens 360 module.

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