Can I change the lenses on the Insta360 One RS?

CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
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Customize Your Shooting: Interchangeable Lenses on the Modular Insta360 One RS

One of the most innovative features of the new Insta360 One RS is its modular design that lets you change lenses by swapping camera modules. Most 360 cameras have fixed lenses, but the One RS takes a versatile approach, giving you options to select the best lens for different shooting needs.

The Insta360 One RS has three interchangeable camera modules:

  • 360 Mod - Dual fisheye lenses for 5.7K 360 video and photos
  • 4K Mod - Wide angle lens for 4K wide-angle video up to 60fps
  • 1-Inch Mod - Large image sensor and lens for 5.3K video and 19MP stills

Each module attaches securely to the battery base. To swap modules, you simply align the dots and twist to lock into place. The process takes seconds, letting you go from 360 capturing to standard shooting and back again in no time.

Benefits of Interchangeable Lenses:

  • Shoot in 360 mode for immersive VR content
  • Switch to the 4K mod for vlogging, interviews, and stabilized action footage
  • Use the 1-inch mod for ultra high-res photos and video
  • Always use the best lens for your needs
  • Creatively mix up your shooting styles
  • Take advantage of innovations in new lens mods released in the future

The Insta360 One RS lens modules utilize specific lens technology to optimize image quality for their intended use. The dual fisheye lenses capture crisp, complete 360 views. The 4K mod uses a wide angle lens with low distortion. And the 1-inch mod produces pro-level photography with its large sensor.

If you want a versatile, future-proof 360 camera, the modular lens design of the Insta360 One RS is a great choice. You can stay on top of innovations in lenses by swapping in new modules as they are released while still using older mods when needed. Check out Insta360's website to see this advanced modular camera system.


The interchangeable lens design of the Insta360 One RS takes creativity and versatility to new heights. No longer are you limited by fixed lenses and sensors. With the ability to swap modules to go from 360 capture to standard 4K video and 19MP stills in seconds, the possibilities are endless. The One RS grows with you and your needs. If you want limitless potential from a modular 360 camera system, the Insta360 One RS is the clear choice.

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