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Are you a real estate agent, small business owner, or dealership looking for a new way to showcase your properties to potential clients? Look no further than 3D Tour Kit for iPhone. With this innovative software, you can revolutionize the way you showcase your properties with stunning 3D tours.

In this article, we'll explore the benefits of 3D Tour Kit and how it can help you showcase your properties in a unique and memorable way.

Benefits of 3D Tour Kit for iPhone

3D Tour Kit for iPhone offers many benefits for both real estate agents and small business owners.

For real estate agents, it provides a cost-effective way to showcase properties to a wider audience. They can create immersive and interactive 3D tours of their properties, allowing potential buyers to explore every detail of a property from the comfort of their own home.

For small business owners and dealerships, 3D Tour Kit can help showcase your space or inventory in a unique and memorable way, giving potential clients a better understanding of the space or product features. They can also be used to showcase amenities and services, such as conference rooms or vehicle features.

How to Use 3D Tour Kit for iPhone?

To use the 3D Tour Kit for iPhone, follow these steps:

Download the 3D Tour Kit app: Go to the App Store on your iPhone and search for "3D Tour Kit." Tap on the app to download and install it on your device.

Open the app: Once the app is installed, tap on its icon to open it. You will be greeted with the app's home screen.

Create a new project: To start creating a 3D tour, tap on the "New Project" button. You will be prompted to enter a name for your project. Choose a descriptive name that helps you identify the property or space you are capturing.

Capture 360 photos: The app will guide you through the process of capturing 360 photos of the property or space. Follow the on-screen instructions to ensure you capture a complete view of each area. The app will typically indicate when to rotate and capture each photo.

Review and edit photos: After capturing the 360 photos, you will have the opportunity to review and edit them within the app. You can adjust brightness, contrast, and other settings to enhance the visuals if needed.

Add interactive elements: Once you are satisfied with the captured photos, you can enhance your 3D tour by adding interactive elements such as hotspots, text descriptions, and links. These elements allow users to interact with the tour and access additional information or navigate to different areas.

Customize the tour: The app may provide options to customize the appearance and behavior of the tour. You can choose different layouts, navigation styles, and transitions to create a unique and engaging experience.

Publish and share: Once you have finalized your 3D tour, you can publish it and share it with others. The app may provide options to generate a shareable link, embed the tour on a website, or export it in various formats.

Test the tour: Before sharing the tour with others, it's a good idea to test it on your own device to ensure everything functions as intended. Navigate through the tour, interact with the hotspots, and verify that the experience is seamless.

Share and promote: Once you are confident in the tour's quality, share it with your intended audience. You can distribute the tour through email, social media, your website, or any other platforms relevant to your target audience. Consider promoting the tour through various channels to maximize its visibility and reach.

By following these steps, you can effectively use the 3D Tour Kit for iPhone to create immersive and interactive 3D tours of properties or spaces. Remember to explore the app's features and settings to fully leverage its capabilities and provide a compelling virtual experience for your audience.


Creating immersive and interactive 3D tours of properties or spaces using the 3D Tour Kit for iPhone is a straightforward process. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily capture 360 photos, customize the tour with interactive elements, and share it with your audience. By leveraging the capabilities of the app and exploring its features, you can create compelling virtual experiences that engage and impress your viewers. Start using the 3D Tour Kit for iPhone today to showcase your properties or spaces in a unique and captivating way.

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