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CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
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Virtual Staging: A Game-Changer for the Real Estate Industry

In a dynamic video message, Zach Calhoun, from the innovative real estate technology company CloudPano, introduces viewers to the concept of virtual staging. He starts by acknowledging the potential benefits this approach can bring to businesses, particularly those in the media and real estate sectors. With a captivating blend of information and feature demonstration, he unveils a powerful solution that promises to enhance properties digitally and engage potential buyers in new and exciting ways.

What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging is akin to traditional home staging, but it takes place entirely in the digital realm. It involves digitally enhancing images of properties to showcase their potential, effectively giving buyers a preview of what a space could look like with furniture, décor, and various design elements. This technique is especially appealing to businesses in the real estate industry, where presenting a property’s full potential can make all the difference.

Benefits of Virtual Staging

Calhoun emphasizes the various advantages that virtual staging brings to the table. According to him, there’s ample evidence to suggest that furnished homes tend to sell faster and spend less time on the market compared to their unfurnished counterparts. This is a crucial point, as reducing time on the market can lead to higher profits and overall business success. Additionally, virtual staging eliminates the need for costly traditional staging services, offering a more efficient and cost-effective solution for real estate professionals.

Introducing CloudPano’s Slider Feature

In the video, Calhoun showcases CloudPano’s new “before and after slider” feature. This innovative tool allows users to interactively compare the original, unfurnished space with the digitally staged version. By seamlessly transitioning between the two views, potential buyers can appreciate the transformation and envision the property’s full potential. This feature not only offers a unique selling proposition for real estate professionals but also engages clients on a deeper level.

Partnering with Why Not Homes

To help users make the most of virtual staging, CloudPano has partnered with a leading virtual staging company called Why Not Homes. Calhoun provides viewers with a special coupon code that offers a $5 discount on their next virtual staging order from Why Not Homes. This partnership highlights CloudPano’s commitment to providing value and supporting its users in their real estate endeavors.


In a rapidly evolving real estate landscape, embracing innovative technologies is essential for staying ahead of the competition. Virtual staging, as demonstrated by Zach Calhoun of CloudPano, offers a compelling solution for real estate professionals seeking to enhance their listings, engage buyers, and shorten time on the market. With the introduction of CloudPano’s new slider feature and its partnership with Why Not Homes, the future of real estate marketing looks promising and full of exciting possibilities. So, why wait? Explore virtual staging, transform your listings, and take your real estate business to new heights.

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