360 Product Photography Software: The Complete Guide

CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
5 min read
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The ability to visualize a location, product, or service offering from all angles provides a boost to customer satisfaction and confidence, especially for customers on mobile devices.

With the new age of media shifting users from radio and TV to smartphone-based activity, now more than ever it is crucial for companies to find new and exciting ways to get customers’ attention and keep them engaged. In recent years, 360 product photography software has become one of the major tools to increase online sales for eCommerce. Here at CloudPano, we provide our 360 product tour services to give companies a competitive edge and service unlike any other experience before.

What is 360 Product Photography Software?

360 product photography software is making waves by changing users' customer experiences. Rather than the old-age method of standard 2D, single-sided images, users are now able to spin and view a product from all angles and light points in order to give a more in-person experience similar to being in-store.

This in-person-like experience will help keep customers engaged and aware of all aspects of the product, making them more trusting and likely to purchase and or return to purchase. Here at CloudPano, we provide a variety of methods for giving the customer this exact immersive experience through our 360 virtual tours and photography software, allowing customers to be thrown into the product as if it were actually in their hands.

Why is 360 Imaging Important?

In recent years following the era of COVID-19, it feels harder than before to get people out and into brick and mortar stores to buy products. Now more than ever companies like Nike and Apple are relying on 360 product photography software to give customers the in-person experience online. According to Retailer Magazine, the use of 360 photography software increased eCommerce conversion rates by 13%.

With the CloudPano 360 product photography software tool, companies will be able to provide users with an in-store product experience, but on the go in the palm of their hand. This does not only give the customer fully immersive experiences of the product, this gives the company a marketing edge to increase online sales with 360 product photography software by providing an experience many other online companies do not.

With a product fully accessible online like this, companies are now able to allow customers to be given access to the products at any time and anywhere, increasing opportunities for more sales. 

As well as an immersive experience, having 360 photography software can be a crucial tool for increasing customer loyalty and engagement. Having the ability to fully view each product a company provides at all angles, at any time allows customers to know what they are getting before ordering it, increasing the trust between the company and the customer.

In a sense, this can give the users a feeling of control and trust as they are able to view the product themselves rather than relying on the company's chosen viewpoint. This level of engagement is something many other companies do not provide and will be able to give businesses a new strategy to retain and increase online customer engagement.

Another reason for companies to leap into 360 photography imaging software is for the marketing advantage it can give. With smartphones becoming the leading source of entertainment, it is crucial for companies to find new strategies to keep the attention of customers.

Previously we relied on entertaining ads on television to bring in customers, but with a shift from television is the main resource, companies must innovate to keep up with the times. According to an in-home study tracking eye movement done by Facebook, while watching tv 94% of users have or use their cellular device, and when users looked away 53% were doing so to look at their phones.

This is proving there is a new method of grasping users' attention needed, and 360 software is just the tool for that. Rather than the website itself, an ad on Facebook or Instagram, using 360 product software will give your company an edge as well as push you ahead of other companies who have not moved into this new age experience. This is something customers will remember and can increase their repurchasing habits.

In addition, with the 360 photography software, given it is a 360 image, if the product is in progress and just a 3D render, this can still be released to give the customer a full overview of the product while it is being finalized to pre-order. This gives companies more flexibility with releasing products for customer access, allowing room for more consistent business without gaps in releases.

How Do I Get Started With 360 Product Photography Software?

You can get started here with CloudPano.

CloudPano is one of the most professional, quick, and easy ways to get into utilizing 360 photography software to increase sales with your online business. Our introduction to 360 software breakdown video, can quickly explain how to get into 360 and virtual tours and begin providing this experience.

With our virtual tours, companies are able to throw the customer directly into their business and allow them to see every angle and become familiar as if they are actually there. Upon familiarizing yourself with 360, the next step is moving into creating your product 360 image.

Through our app, CloudPano provides the ability to create a 360 spin image of products ranging from as small as a jar of honey to as big as an SUV. Using our demo creator through our resources page, companies can hop into creating an edge for their company to change the customer experience in less than 3 minutes! With this tool you will be able to provide customers with a full 360 angle view of products, allowing the company to build, customize and interact with the product in any way needed.

This will push your company to compete with the best and push through these times of the pandemic.

Visit CloudPano.com and embark on your journey towards creating captivating virtual tours that leave a lasting impression. Your clients will thank you, and your business will never be the same again!

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