What to Consider When Choosing the Best Virtual Tour Software in 2022

If you're looking for the perfect software to help you create virtual tours, it's important to consider all your options so you can choose the software that's right for your project. The best virtual tour software for you should fit within your budget, have an interface that works for you, offer the video effects you need, and give you the customization options you want for your project.

There are a lot of factors at play when looking at 360 virtual tour software, so let's break them down here so you can get busy creating!

Price range

With so many different kinds of virtual tour software out there, you can find something that will fit every budget. From free software to technology that costs hundreds of dollars, there are many different price points for 360 tour technology. Unfortunately, these prices aren't always easy to understand, with so many companies offering different options and different types of software packages.

The most common types of pricing for virtual tour software are single-fee or monthly-fee. With single-fee, the software is purchased outright in a single transaction. With monthly-fee options, a subscription is purchased and the user is charged every month to continue using the software.

Most virtual tour software companies will have different tiers of pricing depending on what software package is being purchased, further complicating the process. For a reliable virtual tour software with simple, easy to understand pricing and no hidden fees, visit CloudPano at https://www.cloudpano.com/

App-based vs. web-based

It's important to decide if you want to use your 360 tour software to create tours on your mobile phone or your desktop. Web-based software that operates on your desktop can easily utilize footage uploaded from 360 cameras, making the videos extremely high quality and giving you access to a wide variety of editing features.

App-based software might sacrifice some of your editing power, but make up for it by giving you a powerful tour creation experience in the palm of your hand. This makes for quick tour creation that uses less equipment.

Cloud Pano's innovative software is available to use on both mobile and desktop browsers, giving you as much flexibility as possible. CloudPano is compatible with any 360 camera, or it can be utilized through the CloudPano mobile app.

Simplistic vs. Advanced interface

While editing and customizing a 360 virtual tour by way of coding might be fun for a programming guru, it's not for everyone. A virtual tour software's interface is one of the most important aspects of it since it decides how user-friendly the software is going to be for a variety of skill levels.

Is the interface of the software simple or more complex? Does the editing process require coding, and if so, how accessible is it? Is there a customer support team available to help problem-solve any issues in the software's interface?

These are all important questions to ask about the software you purchase, whether you're working for a large virtual tour company or a small real estate office. Depending on the type of 360 tour project you're working on, and the skill levels of the individuals working on the project, the software interface makes a big difference.

Virtual Tour Effects

There are a plethora of different effects that can be applied to 360 tour footage, to create the most powerful presentation possible. Make sure to research whether or not the virtual tour software you're looking at offers all the effects you want for your tours.

CloudPano offers a wide variety of the most desirable effects for 360 tour footage. From the popular "dollhouse" floor plans that add a 3D element to real estate photography or the live 360 video chat that can be used for sales presentations, CloudPano has it all. CloudPano also has options for creating virtual tours with Google Street View and integrating the tour with Google Maps.

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Customization and Branding

Fully integrating your company's branding into your virtual tour is an extremely important customization option depending on the specific projects you might need 360 tour software for.

Make sure the virtual tour software you purchase allows you to add your watermark and brand logo, and embed any media you might want to be featured in your tour.

Cloud Pano's software allows for the maximum amount of customization for watermarks and brand logos, giving you full control over your 360 content. In addition to this, tours created with CloudPano can be presented with your website domain, allowing you to remove CloudPano's watermark and keep the focus on your brand. Ready to get started? Click here to jump in! https://app.cloudpano.com/signup

Creating Virtual Tours

Once you've chosen the best virtual tour software, then the real fun begins. Now it's time to create! Need some guidance on how to create an epic 360 virtual tour that

will leave people talking about it for days? Click here to read the ultimate guide to creating virtual tours: https://blog.cloudpano.com/new-free-resource-the-ultimate-guide-to-creating-virtual-tours/

Good luck on your 360 tour journey!

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