What modules are available for the Insta360 One RS?

CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
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Unlock Maximum Creative Potential: Insta360 One RS Camera Modules

The Insta360 One RS stands out from other 360 cameras thanks to its unique modular design. Rather than a fixed lens and sensor, the One RS uses interchangeable camera modules optimized for different types of shooting. This innovative system provides unmatched versatility.

There are currently 3 main camera modules available for the Insta360 One RS:

360 Module

  • Dual 210° fisheye lenses
  • 5.7K video resolution
  • Creates seamless 360° footage
  • Immersive VR/3D ready
  • Advanced image stabilization

4K Module

  • Wide angle lens
  • Up to 4K 60fps video
  • Slow motion capabilities
  • Perfect for vlogging, interviews, B-roll
  • Advanced FlowState stabilization

1-Inch Module

  • 1-inch sensor for pro-level image quality
  • 5.3K video resolution
  • 19MP photos
  • PureShot photo stabilization
  • High-quality low light performance

Each module quickly attaches to the One RS battery base via the mounting system. You get the power to instantly switch from shooting 360 video, to crisp 4K wide angle, to ultra high-res photography. It takes just seconds to change modules and begin capturing.

The modular concept future proofs the One RS as well. Insta360 can release new modules with cutting edge lenses and sensors to expand the capabilities. Owners simply need to buy the new module to upgrade.

If you want limitless creativity from a compact device, the Insta360 One RS and its revolutionary modules is the 360 camera for you. Check out Insta360's website to learn more about this innovative modular system.


The interchangeable camera modules for the Insta360 One RS enable it to excel in a wide range of shooting scenarios. With the ability to instantly switch between dual fisheye lenses for immersive 360 capture, a stabilized wide angle lens for 4K video, and a 1-inch sensor for pro-level photography, the One RS delivers unmatched versatility in a compact modular camera. If you desire maximum creative potential from your 360 camera, the modular system of the Insta360 One RS is the clear choice.

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