What is the Insta360 One R Point to Track feature?

Empowering Your Visual Storytelling: Unveiling the Insta360 One R Point to Track Feature

Discover the magic of effortless tracking with the Insta360 One R and its innovative Point to Track feature.

In this guide, we delve into how this groundbreaking functionality elevates your storytelling, offering a seamless way to capture and follow subjects dynamically.

Unveiling Point to Track

  • Tap and Follow

The Insta360 One R's Point to Track feature simplifies the process of subject tracking. Simply tap on a subject within the frame, and let the camera's intelligent technology take care of the rest.

  • Dynamic Auto-Tracking

Whether you're capturing fast-paced action or a slow-paced stroll, the Point to Track feature dynamically adjusts, ensuring your chosen subject stays perfectly centered in the frame.

Harnessing the Power:

  • Effortless Shooting

No need to worry about manually adjusting settings or losing focus on your subject. Point to Track frees you to concentrate on the creative aspects of your storytelling, allowing for a more natural and engaging shooting experience.

  • Versatile Applications

From vlogging to action-packed scenarios, the versatility of Point to Track shines through. Capture compelling footage with ease, knowing that your subject will always be the focal point.

Getting Started:

  • Activate Point to Track

Dive into the Insta360 app or use the camera's touchscreen to activate the Point to Track feature. A user-friendly interface makes it accessible for both beginners and seasoned creators.

Purchase Links:

  1. Insta360 One R: Purchase here

Enhancing Your Visual Narrative:

  • Seamless Integration

The Point to Track feature seamlessly integrates with the Insta360 One R's user-friendly interface, offering a powerful yet accessible tool for creators of all levels.

  • Focus on Creativity

Let the camera handle the technicalities, allowing you to focus on your creative vision. Point to Track is a game-changer for creators who want to elevate the quality of their visual storytelling.


The Insta360 One R's Point to Track feature redefines the way you capture and follow subjects. Whether you're a solo creator or part of a dynamic scene, this innovative functionality ensures that your storytelling remains at the forefront.

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