What is the Insta360 One R Auto Frame feature?

Revolutionize Your Storytelling: Unleashing the Power of Insta360 One R Auto Frame

Dive into the world of intelligent videography with the Insta360 One R Auto Frame feature.

In this guide, we'll uncover how this cutting-edge technology utilizes AI to elevate your content creation, automatically tracking and reframing subjects for visually stunning and engaging shots.

Unlocking Auto Frame

  • AI-Powered Tracking

The Insta360 One R Auto Frame isn't just a feature; it's your virtual cinematographer. Powered by artificial intelligence, it seamlessly identifies and tracks subjects, ensuring they remain the focal point of your footage.

  • Automatic Reframing

Say goodbye to static shots. With Auto Frame, your subjects are dynamically tracked, and the camera adjusts in real-time, reframing the shot to maintain optimal composition and visual appeal.

Getting Started:

  • Enabling Auto Frame

Access the Auto Frame feature in the Insta360 One R settings. With just a few taps, you'll unleash the power of AI to enhance your videography.

  • Adjusting Preferences

Customize the Auto Frame settings to suit your preferences. Whether you're filming dynamic action scenes or intimate moments, tailor the AI tracking to achieve the perfect framing.

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Transform Your Content:

  • Dynamic Storytelling

From vlogs to action-packed adventures, Auto Frame adds a cinematic touch to your videos. Experience a new level of storytelling as the camera dynamically follows your subjects.

  • Effortless Creativity

Auto Frame eliminates the need for manual adjustments, allowing you to focus on your story. Effortlessly capture moments with a professional touch, even if you're a solo creator.

Explore Limitless Possibilities:

  • AI and Beyond

The Insta360 One R continues to push the boundaries of innovation. Stay tuned for future updates and features that harness the power of AI for even more creative possibilities.


Insta360 One R Auto Frame redefines the way you capture and share your experiences. Let AI do the heavy lifting, ensuring your videos are always captivating and visually compelling. Elevate your storytelling with the Insta360 One R – where innovation meets inspiration.

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