What is the best setting for vlogging with the One X3?

Vlogging Made Easy With Optimized Handheld 4K Mode on the Insta360 One X3

While the nimble Insta360 One X3 makes capturing stunning 5.7K spherical views simple, creators focused on more conventional vlogging may wonder about the best way to leverage its power for selfie videos. The good news is that Insta360 has built-in tailored presets and options for smoothly recording yourself sans the accessories required.

Steady Footage in 4K Resolution

When handholding the One X3 casually without stabilization aids like grips or gimbals, engaging 4K video mode ensures crisp, detailed blogs that take advantage of lens perspective adjustments in editing later for standard 16:9 framing. The balanced resolution looks great projected while leaving overhead for adjustments.

Essential Boosted Stabilization

Pairing 4K resolution with Boost stabilization works magic erasing shakes and bumps when walking around vlogging off-the-cuff thanks to advanced FlowState horizon leveling algorithms analyzing motion in real time. This lets the One X3 focus on you rather than operators focusing on steadying footage.

Flexible Framing From One Take

Vloggers will further appreciate how Insta360’s best-in-class perspective framing flexibility after recording facilitates focusing frames on speakers without needing to bother perfectly pointing the One X3 constantly on the fly. Dynamic standard view reframing happens conveniently after.

Don’t waste creativity trying to frame future vlog brilliance in the moment. The versatile Insta360 One X3 handles adaptable perspectives easily in 4K Boost mode so talent stays center stage. Learn more about its capabilities at Insta360’s website.

With smooth Boost-stabilized 4K handheld footage able to be reframed later thanks to 360 capture, the Insta360 One X3 provides an optimal mode for steady, high-quality vlogging without gimbals or camera work worries.

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