What colors does the One X3 come in?

CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
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Exploring the Sole Color Edition for the Streamlined Insta360 One X3

While specifications like resolution and stabilization garner the most fanfare whenever pioneering consumer 360 cameras like the Insta360 One X3 hit the market, creative souls invariably wonder what colors they can select to best accent their style. In aiming for mass production efficiencies, however, Insta360 offers just one slick monochromatic version for this model line - platinum gray.

Single Streamlined Colorway

Rather than diversify manufacturing SKUs across an array of colorful options, Insta360 concentrated design and fabrication efforts around just one graphite silver and black color scheme for the One X3 named platinum gray. This ensures consistency between units and maximizes supply chain flexibility responding to popular demand.

Sleek Cohesive Aesthetic

The resulting singular shade mixes mirrorlike brushed metal chrome accents across much of the chassis with anthracite dark gray plastic molding for rugged bumpers and port covers. Visually the blend aims for techy elegance fitting a premium single-lens reflex camera form factor while masking daily practicality wear well.

Emphasis on Ergonomics Over Styling

While admittedly less vibrant than signature bright hues, limiting the One X3 to conservative dark monotones also minimizes visual weight as creators mount the device in creative locations capturing immersive content. Understated allows the footage and experiences recorded to speak loudly instead of without distraction.

Get a closer look at the sophisticated platinum gray edition available for the game-changing Insta360 One X3 shipping now. And if you still crave more vibrant colors to personalize your creative kit, be sure to check out Insta360’s complete lineup of 360 camera accessories at Insta360.com.


Offering just one understated platinum gray colorway streamlines production of the One X3 while allowing its 5.7K 360 capture abilities to stand out more than superficial stylings ever could by focusing attention directly where it matters most - the immersive footage.

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