What accessories are available for the Insta360 One RS?

Expand Your Creativity: Must-Have Accessories for the Insta360 One RS

The Insta360 One RS is an incredibly versatile 360 camera right out of the box. But the ecosystem of compatible accessories allows you to further customize your shooting experience and expand your creative possibilities.

Here are some of the top One RS accessories to enhance your reality captures:

  • Invisible Selfie Stick - Hide the stick to appear floating.
  • Waterproof Dive Case - Shoot underwater down to 16 feet.
  • Vented Lens Guards - Protect lens while reducing fogging.
  • Drifter - Remote control car mounts with tracking AI subject following.
  • Twin Edition Pack - Dual lens and 4K Wide Angle modules in one bundle.
  • Boost Battery Base - Extended battery for over 2 hours of 5.7K recording.
  • 3D Microphone - Lifelike spatial audio.
  • Bluetooth Remote - Control camera from a distance.
  • Mini Tripod - Compact and portable base.
  • Premium Lens Filters - Enhance image quality and effects.

Take advantage of the modular capabilities by mixing and matching camera modules for your needs. Then build out your accessory kit with mounts, stabilizers, mics, batteries and more.

If you want to unlock the full creative potential of your modular One RS system, check out Insta360’s continually expanding collection of accessories. You’ll be ready to capture reality in limitless ways.


The One RS on its own is a powerhouse, but adding accessories like invisible selfie sticks, dive cases, lens filters, extended batteries and more transforming it into an unstoppable 360 creative force. Build the perfect modular toolkit to capture reality your way.

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