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Virtual Tours offer immersive, detailed experiences and can be utilized by a number of industries. Whether you need to create a property listing for potential buyers or show off your state-of-the-art business facility, a virtual tour is an effective tool to deliver a world-class customer experience with ease. With CloudPano’s Free Virtual Tour Software, creating a stunning virtual tour is as easy as a few clicks.

What is a Virtual Tour?

A virtual tour leverages the capabilities of Virtual Reality (VR) technology to envelop users in an environment meticulously crafted from 3D imagery. This immersive experience often unfolds through the use of VR headsets, transporting users into a digital realm that simulates real-world settings. A prime illustration is a captivating walkthrough of a property listing. CloudPano enriches this concept further, allowing clients to embark on virtual tours regardless of their global location.

How it Works:

Crafting a Virtual Tour with CloudPano is an effortless endeavor. Here's a succinct guide to initiate your journey:

  1. Download the CloudPano App: Begin by downloading the CloudPano app, which is readily available on both IOS and Android platforms. This intuitive app serves as your gateway to creating immersive virtual experiences.
  2. Capture or Upload Photos: Tailor your approach by choosing between two seamless options. Utilize the CloudPano app to effortlessly capture photos directly, ensuring an uninterrupted process. Alternatively, if you possess 3D photos obtained from a compatible camera, easily upload these images onto CloudPano's platform. This versatile choice accommodates your preferred workflow.
  3. Unveil Your Creation: Embarking on the journey to reveal your Virtual Tour is as simple as hitting the 'publish' button. This action sets in motion the process of sharing your meticulously curated tour with a global audience. CloudPano's technology ensures that your creation transcends physical boundaries, offering viewers a captivating and immersive experience.

Immerse yourself in the world of CloudPano and explore the endless possibilities of Virtual Tours. The fusion of cutting-edge technology and artistic innovation allows you to craft digital realms that captivate, engage, and inspire.

Sharing Your Virtual Tour

Upon the completion of tour creation, the next step involves publishing it on This pivotal platform serves as the launchpad from which your virtual tour takes flight. From here, the realm of sharing and accessibility opens up, granting you unparalleled control over the dissemination of your virtual experience.

Tailored Sharing Flexibility: CloudPano empowers you with the autonomy to dictate the tour's accessibility and audience reach. If your objective is to showcase a property for sale and maximize its exposure, the 'public' sharing option allows unrestricted access, inviting anyone to explore your tour. Conversely, if a more controlled distribution is desired, the 'private' or 'viewable by link' options provide a level of exclusivity.

Elevated Privacy and Personal Access: For scenarios where utmost privacy is pivotal, CloudPano introduces the 'private' setting. This unique feature restricts access, ensuring that only you, the creator, can immerse yourself in the virtual experience. This is particularly useful when you're in the process of crafting and fine-tuning the tour, safeguarding its confidentiality.

Real-time Guidance through Video Chat: CloudPano goes beyond mere tour sharing by integrating a powerful video chat feature. This tool allows you to conduct live virtual tours, providing commentary and guidance to clients in real-time. This interactive engagement enriches the experience and enhances your communication.

Effortless Social Media Integration: CloudPano is attuned to the pulse of modern communication. It allows seamless sharing of your tours on popular social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. With integrated sharing options, you can propagate your virtual tour to a wider audience effortlessly.

CloudPano's diverse feature set caters to diverse scenarios, ensuring that your virtual tour sharing aligns with your objectives. Whether it's public exposure, controlled access, real-time interactions, or social media integration, CloudPano equips you with the tools you need to engage and captivate your audience effectively.

CloudPano’s Free Virtual Tour Software Features

CloudPano offers a dynamic array of features within its Free Virtual Tour Software, designed not only to create visually captivating 3D and VR tools but also to amplify your marketing initiatives. These features are tailored to enhance your engagement and resonance with your audience. The range of tools available for your use will be contingent upon the plan you choose.

Free vs Pro Plans

CloudPano presents a comprehensive suite of features that cater to your marketing requirements. You can seamlessly embark on your journey with the free plan, granting you the privilege of four months of use, an opportunity to explore a realm that includes unlimited 360° photos, unrestricted sharing capabilities, personalized branding, and more.

As your aspirations and demands evolve, CloudPano's Pro plan packages emerge as the next phase of your exploration. These packages, namely Pro, Pro Plus, and Pro Plus Business plans, extend a spectrum of advanced features that elevate your marketing prowess. These potential features encompass embedding your tours onto your own website, harnessing Google Analytics, engaging through CloudPano Live Video Chat, achieving MLS compliance, and beyond.

Irrespective of your business's current phase or the goals you aspire to accomplish, we recommend commencing with the free plan to promptly catalyze your endeavors. The seamless transition to the Pro plan that aligns seamlessly with your business needs ensures that you're equipped to navigate the ever-evolving realm of real estate marketing.

At CloudPano, the journey unfolds through an array of features that empower you to enhance your marketing strategies, forge connections, and elevate your brand's resonance.


Virtual Tours, powered by CloudPano, transcend convenience to become a game-changing marketing tool for various industries. Whether showcasing properties or business facilities, virtual tours deliver unparalleled customer experiences. With CloudPano’s Free Virtual Tour Software, crafting impressive virtual tours is just a few clicks away. Harness the immersive power of VR technology and seamlessly share your creation. Explore the possibilities with CloudPano and redefine how you engage and inspire your audience.

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