The Ultimate Tool: Harnessing the Power of Insta360 for Virtual Tour Creation

CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
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How can I use Insta360 to make a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a means to present a location or a piece of property in an engaging and interactive way. Viewers are able to explore the location from all angles and views, just though they were there in person. Virtual tours may be utilized for a number of different things, including real estate, tourism, education, entertainment, and more.

The Insta360 camera makes it shockingly simple to create a virtual tour. In this post, we’ll demonstrate how to make a virtual tour using the Insta360 camera and a few well-liked software programs. Additionally, we will provide you with some advice on how to make your virtual tour appear polished and interesting.


The following supplies are required in order to produce a virtual tour using the Insta360 camera:

  • Insta360 camera: There are several Insta360 camera models available, such as the ONE R 1-Inch 360 Edition Virtual Tour Kit, the ONE X2 or the ONE X. These cameras are simple to use and record 360-degree images and movies in great resolution. Additionally, they offer Wi-Fi preview and control so you may shoot from a distance without being in the picture.
  • Tripod: A tripod is crucial for stabilizing your camera and ensuring that your photos are consistently at the same height and position.The Insta360 Invisible Selfie Stick or All-Purpose Tripod that are included with select camera kits can be used in place of any normal tripod with a 1/4-inch screw mount.
  • Phone or tablet: You’ll need a phone or tablet to establish a Wi-Fi connection with your camera and manage the shooting process. You must also download the software application you intend to utilize to build your virtual tour. With Insta360 cameras, both iOS and Android devices are supported.
  • Software app: You can create and share virtual tours with Insta360 cameras on a variety of software platforms.These platforms provide a variety of features and pricing options, allowing you to pick the one that best meets your requirements and price range.

How to build a virtual tour.

Depending on the software tool you use, there may be a small variation in the procedures required to make a virtual tour with the Insta360 camera, but they often follow this pattern:

First Step: The Set Up

You must perform some preliminary work before you begin shooting:

  • Verify that the firmware on your Insta360 camera is current. You may upgrade using the Insta360 app or obtain the most recent firmware here.
  • Download the software program you intend to use to build your virtual tour from the Google Play or App Store. Search for them using their names to find them. Following that, create an account and log in.
  • Start up your Insta360 device. After that, open the Insta360 app and tap the yellow camera connection icon.
  • Press “Connect to Camera” after switching to the software application.
  • To create a new job, press the (+) or ‘Create New Job’ buttons. Give your scan a name and accept location sharing when asked.

Second Step: The Shoot

Currently, you are prepared to record your virtual tour:

  • Keep your environment tidy, organized, and set up. Your 21MP 360 images will reveal a ton of detail, so keep the area looking pristine! To prevent them from appearing in any published content, try to clear the area of all clutter and personal items, as well as any personal images.
  • Be cautious of reflections. Position the camera as far away from any mirror or window reflections as you can.
  • Turn on each and every light. The camera will have at least some illumination to work with even if certain rooms have less natural light than others because of this.
  • Set up your tripod in the middle of the room, then move out of the shot (perhaps behind a wall or into the adjacent room).
  • Directly from the software app, shoot with your Insta360 camera. A 360-degree view of the space will be captured by the camera from that vantage point, and the image will be instantly sent to your smartphone.
  • Then, just return to where you were hiding and hit Capture to take the subsequent picture after moving the tripod to the subsequent scanning location.
  • Keep going until you have recorded the entire building or area.

Third Step: Editing and Sharing

Upload your photos to your software account after you’re done shooting, and a 3D model will be created for you. Your virtual tour may then be edited and modified using a variety of tools and features, including the addition of labels, comments, floor plans, hotspots, music, voice-over, and more. Additionally, you may change your photographs’ sharpness, color, contrast, and brightness.

When your virtual tour is complete, there are several methods to share it with your audience:

  • You can obtain a link that you can use to distribute anywhere, including through email, messaging applications, and social media.
  • With only a few lines of code, you can add it directly to your website or real estate listing.
  • It is available for download as a standalone file that may be viewed offline or using a VR headset.

Advice and techniques

The following hints and techniques can help your virtual tour appear more polished and interesting:

  • Arrange your shooting path in advance. Consider the most effective technique to cover the full area while avoiding omitting any crucial components or features. You may also use a map app or a floor plan to direct you.
  • Take photos at eye level. Your virtual tour will become more relatable to your visitors as a result. Avoid taking photos at extreme heights or depths since they might distort perception and make you queasy.
  • Use HDR mode when taking pictures. You can catch more colors and details in various lighting situations by doing this. On various Insta360 cameras and software programs, HDR mode is an option.
  • Use RAW photography. This will increase your editing process’ flexibility and control. On various Insta360 cameras and software programs, RAW mode is an option.
  • Take pictures while it’s sunny. Avoid wet, overcast, or windy days if you’re photographing outdoors because they could lower the caliber and consistency of your photos. Shoot on cloudy or bright days, preferably early in the day or late at night when the light is flatter and more even.
  • Record videos in 360-degrees. Shooting in 360 video mode as opposed to picture mode will allow you to give your virtual tour more motion and dynamic. You’ll be able to record the sound and motion of nearby objects, including people, animals, automobiles, and other moving objects. Afterward, you may use various software tools to cut and sew your films together to create a virtual tour.

The Insta360 camera makes it simple and enjoyable to exhibit any place or piece of real estate through an immersive virtual tour. It may assist you in drawing in more viewers, clients, customers, or pupils and help them form a more accurate impression of the location before they actually arrive.

All you need is an Insta360 camera, a tripod, a phone or tablet, and a software app that works for you financially and according to your needs. Then, use the procedures outlined above to capture, edit, and distribute your virtual tour to your audience.

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