The Ultimate Real Estate Virtual Tour Software Guide

The world of real estate is changing due to advances in technology. Real estate virtual tour software is at its peak. There are "virtually" (see what I did there?) no drawbacks to using real estate virtual tour software in your daily workflow. We walk you through what a virtual tour exactly is, how to benefit from it, and how to promote it at scale.

What Exactly is a Real Estate Virtual Tour?

A real estate virtual tour is an online simulation of an existing property that potential buyers can view. They have the ability to get lost in the beautiful architecture of the home, check out room sizes, view the kitchen, and so much more. A real estate agent will use this software to create a 360-degree view of the inside of the home. This type of software has a variety of benefits the real estate agent can take advantage of.

Benefits of Virtual Tour Software For Realtors

Some benefits of real estate virtual tour software for agents include:

Weeding out low-intent buyers

When you create a virtual tour of a property, it is easier to weed out buyers who are not genuinely interested in the home. The vast majority of people who view real estate virtual tours online will do so with the intent of buying a property. This saves agents time and energy when it comes to working with buyers.

Accessibility for non-local buyers 

Non-local buyers can use real estate virtual tour software to view properties from anywhere in the world. This is a great way to attract buyers who are not able to physically be in the same location as the property.

Increasing agent productivity 

Real estate virtual tour software can help increase an agent's productivity. By using virtual tours, agents can work with more buyers in a shorter amount of time. As the real estate market continues to grow, being able to sale at scale will be a standard in the near future.

Better alignment with buyer preferences

In today's world, buyers want to be able to see a property in-depth before they even step foot in it. Real estate virtual tour software allows agents to better align their business with buyer preferences. If they immediately see the kitchen is too small for their family size, the buyer will likely move on to the next property.

Increase your listing success rate

Real estate virtual tour software can help make listings more successful. This is because potential buyers are able to really soak the property in before they make an offer on it. This allows them to make an educated decision on the property they’re viewing.

Increase Attendance Online With Virtual Tour Software

In addition to the benefits that real estate agents can take advantage of, there are also ways for virtual tour software to be used to increase and maximize attendance. Some methods include:

Sharing virtual tours on social media

Agents can share virtual tours on their personal Facebook page, their business Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and more. This is a great way to increase attendance because of the pandemic and rapid growth of technology people are much more likely to attend virtual events, opposed to even a couple years ago.

Sharing virtual tours on your blog

Another great way to increase attendance is by sharing virtual tours on your blog. This of course requires a bit of a pre-existing following, however sharing on your blog is a way for potential buyers to organically find your listings. 

Email marketing

Many agents that have been around for a while have an existing email marketing list or access to one. A quick email blast letting your prospects know that you now offer virtual tours is an efficient way to get your 360 virtual tour right in their inbox.

We’ve reviewed what a real estate virtual tour is, how it can drastically improve your daily workflow, and how you’re able to get virtual visitors who will likely convert to potential buyers. As Arthur C. Clarke said “Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.” As a modern-day realtor, utilizing real estate virtual tour software can bring a certain “magic” to potential buyers at scale.

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