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      If you held a gun to my head… and asked… “How can I quickly grow my local agency in the next 3 to 7 days?” My answer would be simple. “Swarm the niche with a ‘smart automated outreach campaign’ that fills your pipeline with interested and qualified leads.’ This is what we do all year. The strategy looks like this… Smart outreach campaigns that consistently warm up leads and build relationships. Send those leads to our team calendar, build more rapport and close high ticket sales. Track the most important and priortize “deals on the table” using pipelines and automations. All of this is automated and architected months in advance. And it runs all year long for us. And you can do this to… To see an exact example and how you can setup this system for any niche (property managers for example), watch this free Swarm System Setup Training . See the video here: https://next.cloudpano.com/swarm-system-setup I will walk you the exact steps to get this auotmated system rolling quickly. And you have the option to work with our team directly (and just get it all done for you). Your next steps are this… Watch the entire training video Pick your favorite niche to go swarm in your local area. Book a call with our team to get you set up quickly using the automated Swarm System Setup Get started here: https://next.cloudpano.com/swarm-system-setup See you there! Zach Calhoon CloudPano and LeadStack

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