Is the Insta360 One RS waterproof?

Capture Underwater Adventures: Waterproofing the Insta360 One RS

For action cameras, waterproofing expands the possibilities for exciting footage. While the Insta360 One RS itself is not waterproof, an optional dive case enables underwater shooting down to 16 feet.

Here are key facts on waterproofing the Insta360 One RS:

  • The standard camera is splashproof but not fully waterproof
  • The dive case seals the One RS for depths down to 16 feet underwater
  • Made from polycarbonate and ABS plastic for durability
  • Allows access to camera controls and touchscreen
  • Lens filters ensure clarity underwater
  • Accessory FPV mic perfects underwater audio

With the dive case, you can capture smooth 360 footage while swimming, surfing, snorkeling and more. It also protects your camera from sand, dirt, and mud during other adventures.

Some shooting tips:

  • Use a wrist/float strap to prevent losing the camera
  • Clean with fresh water after saltwater use
  • Check o-rings regularly for damage
  • Avoid rapid temperature changes

Capture unique perspectives beneath the water's surface with the Insta360 One RS. The optional dive case opens up new possibilities compared to GoPros and standard action cams limited to only 10 feet depths. For creators seeking maximum durability from their gear, the complete waterproofing solution offered by Insta360 is highly appealing.


While not waterproof out of the box, the Insta360 One RS can be transformed into an underwater 360 camera with the help of a dedicated dive case. Water activities down to 16 feet deep are no match for the One RS inside its durable housing. So grab your snorkel gear and capture share-worthy underwater content with the unmatched perspective only a versatile 360 camera like the Insta360 One RS can deliver above and below the water's surface.

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