Increase Engagement and Conversions with CloudPano's 360 Virtual Tour Software

CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
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360 virtual tours created with CloudPano's software are an excellent way to boost engagement and drive conversions for your business. With versatile features and robust integrations, CloudPano empowers companies to create stunning 360 tours that captivate audiences.

Immersive Experiences Capture Attention

As people navigate 360 scenes by clicking hotspots or dragging on mobile, it feels like they're physically there, increasing engagement. Visuals and interactivity naturally appeal to our emotions and are much more engaging than static images or text alone.

CloudPano makes it easy for anyone to build professional 360 tours, even without coding or design experience. Their intuitive editor lets you seamlessly upload 360 photos, connect scenes with hotspots, embed videos or images, and publish responsive tours optimized for web and mobile.

One of the most powerful aspects of 360 tours is that they engage viewers on a deeper, more experiential level. As people explore the space themselves, it feels like they're actually there, boosting engagement significantly compared to traditional media.

Custom Branding and Analytics Provide Insights

Customized branding elements like your logo, colors, and contact information integrated into the tours help reinforce your business, brand, and credibility with prospects.

CloudPano also provides detailed analytics tracking how people navigate and interact with your 360 tours. This gives excellent insights to optimize conversion performance.

Robust Lead Generation and Call-to-Actions

CloudPano offers robust lead generation and call-to-action capabilities as well. Interested prospects can easily request information or sign-up right within the tour experience.

Hotspots and info spots allow embedding any custom HTML, so adding book now buttons, downloadable brochures, reservation forms, contact forms, and more is simple.

Exposure and Discoverability on Google

CloudPano also seamlessly integrates with Google Street View, allowing you to combine 360 tours with an interactive map directly on Google My Business listings.

Such exposure and discoverability of your tours on Google can significantly boost visibility as well as conversions and inquiries.

Live Video Chat

The software also enables live video chat so sales agents or reps can guide prospects through tours and answer questions in real time. This is extremely powerful for engaging visitors and closing deals faster.

Diverse Applications Across Industries

With diverse customers spanning real estate, travel, retail, automotive, and more, CloudPano's 360 virtual tours deliver value across industries.

One real estate agent may highlight condo amenities while a hotel shows off rooms and facilities. A car dealership can display vehicles from every angle or a furniture store lets you view products in realistic settings. Even contractors use 360 tours to showcase progress on commercial builds. The possibilities are truly endless.

Flexible and Scalable Pricing

CloudPano offers flexible and affordable plans to match all business needs and budgets. From a free Starter account to grow-as-you-go Pro plans to white-glove Enterprise service, they scale to customers of all sizes.

Robust growth options also empower entrepreneurs to build their own 360 tour business on top of the platform.

Don't just take our word for it. See for yourself how CloudPano's immersive 360 virtual tours can boost engagement and conversions.

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