How To Go Fast and Get More Agency Clients Now

CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
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Consistent Lead Flow: The Key to Success

In the fast-paced world of virtual reality (VR) agencies, staying ahead of the competition requires a steady influx of leads. As Zach Calhoun, co-founder of CloudPano, points out in a recent video transcript, lead flow is the lifeblood of any successful VR agency. Let’s delve into the insights shared by Calhoun and explore how you can implement effective lead generation strategies to scale your VR agency. Calhoun emphasizes that a thriving VR agency relies on a constant stream of leads. To achieve this, you must consistently engage potential clients and showcase the value your agency offers. The goal is to have a packed calendar full of demonstrations and presentations to potential clients, highlighting your VR solutions and expertise.

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It’s a Numbers Game

At the core of lead generation is a simple principle: numbers matter. The more potential clients you reach out to, the higher your chances of finding those who are genuinely interested in your services. Calhoun suggests leveraging various communication channels such as DMs, LinkedIn messages, and emails to reach a broad audience. While starting off manually is acceptable, automation becomes crucial as your agency grows.

The Power of Automation

Automation is the key to efficiently managing large numbers of leads. Calhoun recommends investing in automation tools to streamline your lead generation efforts. Email marketing campaigns and cold email marketing software can help you connect with a broader audience, while scraping tools can help you gather leads from sources like Google Maps. By automating these processes, you free up your time to focus on more high-value tasks.

The Importance of a Clean Email List

Calhoun highlights the significance of having a clean and validated email list. Sending emails to incorrect or inactive addresses can harm your sender reputation and land your emails in spam folders. Investing in email verification tools is essential to ensure that your emails reach the right recipients and don’t negatively impact your sender score.

Matching Message to Market

While the numbers matter, Calhoun stresses the importance of tailoring your message to your target market. Having a compelling message that resonates with your audience increases your response rates. A well-crafted message can yield a 3-4% response rate, and with effective targeting, even higher rates are possible.

Offering Value for Rapport

To stand out in a crowded inbox, offer value upfront. Calhoun recommends providing something valuable, such as a free SEO audit or personalized video, to build rapport with potential clients. This approach increases the likelihood of getting a positive response and engaging in meaningful conversations.

It’s All About Math

Calhoun brings it back to a mathematical perspective. He emphasizes that lead generation is indeed a numbers game. By sending out a substantial number of emails and refining your approach based on response rates, you can optimize your outreach strategy for success.

Leveraging Tools and Automation

Calhoun encourages agencies to leverage tools and automation to gather and manage leads efficiently. From scraping tools to AI-powered solutions like GPT-3, technology can help streamline lead generation efforts, freeing up time for more personalized interactions with potential clients.


In the dynamic world of VR agencies, mastering lead generation is essential for success. As Zach Calhoun emphasizes, the key lies in balancing quantity and quality. By harnessing automation, crafting compelling messages, and offering value upfront, you can turn lead generation into a streamlined and effective process, driving growth for your VR agency. Remember, it’s not just about numbers; it’s about leveraging the right tools and strategies to connect with the right clients and build lasting relationships.

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