How to Create a 360 Virtual Tour

Creating a 360 virtual tour is a simple step towards enhancing your business or selling a home. 360 tours can be used for a variety of purposes and is commonly a tool for real estate. A great business opportunity is to sell services creating 360 virtual tours, and CloudPano makes professional virtual home tours effortless. Like a great business opportunity, 360 virtual tours are also an asset for real estate agencies to adopt. 

Staging Homes

Staging is arguably the most important aspect of selling a home or property. The purpose of staging is to make the home look move-in ready. Potential buyers will likely choose a home where they can picture memories being cherished and a future being created. Staging not only applies to in-person tours but is just as important during virtual tours.

How to Stage a Home

Before showing a home in any capacity whether in-person or a 360 virtual tour it is important to take several aspects into account. Cleaning is the easiest way to achieve a more visually pleasing space. Furnishing and remodeling can be expensive, but decluttering and clearing the space is a free option; a simple step towards reaching buyers. 

For those wanting to spend more money on staging, an option is to hire an interior designer and refurnish. When doing so, the goal is not to make the home personalized. The purpose of design is to impact potential buyers or to create space buyers see themselves living. An interior designer specializes in home staging, however, staging can be done easily for free. 

Create a 360 Virtual Tour

360 virtual tours are easy to create and extremely beneficial in selling a home or property. Learning how to create a 360 virtual tour not only enhances the likelihood of selling a home but can make you a unique asset. 

Step 1

The first and most significant step is staging the home. When doing so, make sure to declutter and clean. Take care of any noticeable flaws such as painting and fixing any damage. Right before creating the tour, double-check that everything is in place, all drawers are closed, and nothing is left on the floors.

Step 2

Lighting makes all the difference when creating the most successful and aesthetically pleasing virtual tour. Before capturing the panorama, turn all the lights on in the home. Make sure to take advantage of natural lighting as well; natural lighting is perfect in creating a bright and inviting home. Walk through the home and open all the blinds to access as much natural light as possible. 

Step 3

Place a 360 Camera on a 360 panoramic camera stand. When placing the camera on the stand make sure the camera is firmly screwed in and the camera stand is stable. A great 360 camera for creating 360 tours is a 360 Insta 1x camera. The 1x is the older model, the newer models may have better features depending on budget. 

Step 4

Camera placement is crucial for the outcome. The rule of thumb is to set the camera stand to 5 ft. If the camera stand is too high or too low the shot will not be ideal. The camera must also be placed at the same height for every shot, including other rooms in the tour. Make sure to always place the camera in the center of the room for the best results. 

Step 5

Check camera settings, every camera is different, but the goal is to make sure the camera settings are on panorama so that the camera takes a shot of the whole room. On the 360 Insta camera, the setting will be called “optimal 360 tours.” Most cameras will have the option to delay the camera from capturing the panorama, use that setting to make sure there is time to exit the room. 

How to Create a 360 Virtual Tour from your Phone

Creating a professional virtual tour does not require expensive equipment or hardware. Like most things, creating a 3D virtual tour can be done on a phone. With a simple app download, selling a home can be made quicker and easier.

CloudPano Mobile App

The CloudPano mobile app is free to download and intuitive for users. Utilizing the app makes creating a 3D virtual tour accessible, without having to buy a 360 camera or a camera stand. 

How to Create a 360 Virtual Tour with CloudPano App

Step 1

Download the CloudPano app. 

Step 2

If further instruction is needed the top right corner of the app has step-by-step directions on how to use the app. The app is very simple to use, and with practice, great results will follow. 

Step 3

When creating a 360 virtual tour on the app the camera must be vertical, fortunately, the app will notify if the camera is not vertical. Similar to using a camera and camera stand, it is best to aim for the same height in every room. Again, the rule of thumb is 5ft. The best way to achieve consistent height is by creating a reference point such as shoulder height.

Step 4

The fourth step is fairly simple, just tap anywhere to start.

Step 5

Take notice of the Yin and Yang symbol. The Yin and Yang should be separated, Slowly turn the camera, until the Yin and Yang are connected. Pause briefly once the Yin and Yang meet then continue turning until the whole room is captured. On another note, there is a light that will turn green if everything is running smoothly. 

Step 6 

The panorama will automatically save to your camera roll and move on to the next room until complete.

Benefits of 360 Virtual Tours 

Creating 360 virtual tours provides numerous opportunities for real estate. 3D virtual tours save real estate agents from spending hours on end taking potential buyers to different homes.  Virtual tours eliminate homes clients are uninterested in purchasing and only show homes eligible for purchase. 

360 virtual tours are not only beneficial for narrowing houses down to purchase but an avenue to reach long-distance buyers. Shopping for long-distance moves can be difficult, and in-person tours are hardly an option without major spending. 

CloudPano is a software that makes creating 360 virtual tours look professional all while being user-friendly and intuitive. 

CloudPano Subscription Features:

  • Floor Plan Hot Spots
  • 2D floor plan (can add hot spots)
  • 3D Dollhouse
  • Thumbnail tours
  • Live Chat Call
  • VR mode
  • Capture leads
  • Google Street View 
  • Integrate with
  • Connects to Zillow
  • Customize themes
  • Team Editing
  • Referral Programs 
  • Access to a private Facebook group

Creating a 360 virtual tour is easier than it seems. These 3D virtual tours can be created with professional hardware or from the convenience of a mobile phone. Like anything, practice makes perfect, in no time you can be creating sophisticated 360 virtual tours. 

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