How to Create a 360 Virtual Tour

CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
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Creating a 360 virtual tour is a simple yet powerful step towards enhancing your business or selling a home.

In this guide, we will explore the benefits of 360 virtual tours, discuss the importance of staging, and provide step-by-step instructions on how to create impressive virtual tours. Whether you are a real estate agency or an entrepreneur looking for a lucrative business opportunity, this guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to leverage the potential of 360 virtual tours.

To further enhance your understanding and expertise in the world of creating 360 virtual tours, it is highly recommended to delve into a wealth of knowledge available on this subject. By exploring these topics below, you can gain valuable insights and acquire the skills necessary to take your virtual tours to the next level.

Benefits of 360 Virtual Tours

Let's explore the key advantages:

Enhanced Visual Experience:

360 virtual tours provide an immersive and interactive visual experience, allowing potential buyers or clients to explore properties or businesses from the comfort of their homes.

Broadened Reach:

With virtual tours, you can attract long-distance buyers or clients who may find it challenging to visit properties in person. This expands your reach and saves time by narrowing down potential leads to those genuinely interested.

Time and Cost Savings:

Virtual tours eliminate the need for numerous in-person property visits, saving both real estate agents and potential buyers valuable time and resources. It streamlines the process and allows you to focus on more qualified leads.

Staging Homes for Success:

What is the role of staging in creating a compelling virtual tour? Staging plays a crucial role in making properties look visually appealing and inviting to potential buyers.

How to Stage a Home?

Before showing a home in any capacity whether in-person or a 360 virtual tour it is important to take several aspects into account. Cleaning is the easiest way to achieve a more visually pleasing space. Furnishing and remodeling can be expensive, but decluttering and clearing the space is a free option; a simple step towards reaching buyers. 

Here's how to stage a home effectively:


A visually pleasing space starts with thorough cleaning. Decluttering and clearing the space are cost-effective options that instantly enhance the visual appeal. For those wanting to spend more money on staging, an option is to hire an interior designer and refurnish.

Furniture and Design:

Consider hiring an interior designer who specializes in home staging, or take a DIY approach by arranging furniture in a way that creates a sense of space and allows potential buyers to envision themselves living in the home. When doing so, the goal is not to make the home personalized. The purpose of design is to impact potential buyers or to create space buyers see themselves living. An interior designer specializes in home staging, however, staging can be done easily for free. 

Creating a 360 Virtual Tour

360 virtual tours are easy to create and extremely beneficial in selling a home or property. Learning how to create a 360 virtual tour not only enhances the likelihood of selling a home but can make you a unique asset. How can you create a captivating 360 virtual tour? Follow these steps:

Step 1

The first and most significant step is staging the home. When doing so, make sure to declutter and clean. Take care of any noticeable flaws such as painting and fixing any damage. Right before creating the tour, double-check that everything is in place, all drawers are closed, and nothing is left on the floors.

Step 2

Lighting makes all the difference when creating the most successful and aesthetically pleasing virtual tour. Before capturing the panorama, turn all the lights on in the home. Make sure to take advantage of natural lighting as well; natural lighting is perfect in creating a bright and inviting home. Walk through the home and open all the blinds to access as much natural light as possible. 

Step 3

Place a 360 Camera on a 360 panoramic camera stand. When placing the camera on the stand make sure the camera is firmly screwed in and the camera stand is stable. A great 360 camera for creating 360 tours is a 360 Insta 1x camera. The 1x is the older model, the newer models may have better features depending on budget. 

Step 4

Camera placement is crucial for the outcome. The rule of thumb is to set the camera stand to 5 ft. If the camera stand is too high or too low the shot will not be ideal. The camera must also be placed at the same height for every shot, including other rooms in the tour. Make sure to always place the camera in the center of the room for the best results. 

Step 5

Check camera settings, every camera is different, but the goal is to make sure the camera settings are on panorama so that the camera takes a shot of the whole room. On the 360 Insta camera, the setting will be called “optimal 360 tours.” Most cameras will have the option to delay the camera from capturing the panorama, use that setting to make sure there is time to exit the room. 

Unlocking the Virtual Tour Experience: Discover More Essential Insights

We believe that in order to become an expert in any field, it's crucial to lay a solid foundation by mastering the basics. We understand that delving into a new topic can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially when faced with unfamiliar key terms and jargon. But fear not! We are here to guide you and expand your knowledge of key terms in the exciting world of 360 virtual tours.

Understanding these essential key terms is the first step towards gaining confidence and expertise in creating immersive virtual experiences. And the good news is, with the help of CloudPano, even first-time users can easily grasp these concepts.

360 Photo: Step into a World of Immersive Imagery with CloudPano

Imagine being transported to a breathtaking landscape, surrounded by the sights and sounds of a captivating scene. A 360 photo makes this possible by capturing a complete view of a location or environment in all directions.

What it is: With CloudPano, a cutting-edge platform, you can effortlessly capture, upload, and showcase your own 360 photos. These photos allow viewers to explore and interact with the image, providing a truly immersive experience that goes beyond traditional photography.

How it works: By leveraging the power of CloudPano, you can easily create stunning 360 photos using compatible devices. Once captured, you can upload them to the platform, where they are seamlessly integrated into a user-friendly interface.

Benefits and applications: Whether you're a travel enthusiast, a real estate agent, or a business owner, 360 photos offer a unique way to engage your audience. With CloudPano, you can showcase your property, destination, or products in a compelling and interactive manner, leaving a lasting impression on your viewers.

360 Scene: Unveiling the Power of Virtual Spaces with CloudPano

Picture yourself stepping into a virtual world where you can explore any location or space from the comfort of your own device. A 360 scene brings this possibility to life by digitally representing a place or environment captured from all angles using a 360 camera. CloudPano empowers you to create captivating and interactive 360 scenes by seamlessly stitching together multiple 360 photos or videos. This comprehensive virtual experience allows users to immerse themselves in a location as if they were physically present. Using CloudPano's intuitive tools and advanced technology, you can effortlessly create dynamic 360 scenes. By strategically placing cameras and capturing various perspectives, you can craft a seamless and immersive virtual space.

Benefits and applications: From showcasing architectural designs to creating virtual tours of museums or historical sites, 360 scenes offer endless possibilities. With CloudPano, you can transport your audience to any place and provide them with an unforgettable virtual journey.

Hotspot: Guiding Your Virtual Explorations with CloudPano's Interactive Hotspots

Close your eyes and imagine yourself wandering through a virtual environment, seamlessly navigating between different scenes or points of interest. Hotspots make this exploration possible by serving as interactive elements that guide users within a virtual tour.

What it is: With CloudPano, you can effortlessly create and customize hotspots, enhancing the interactivity and navigation of your virtual tours. These hotspots act as signposts, allowing viewers to seamlessly transition from one scene to another, uncovering new areas of interest along the way. CloudPano's user-friendly interface empowers you to easily add and customize hotspots within your virtual tours. You can define the destinations, set the appearance and behavior of each hotspot, and provide informative tooltips to enrich the user experience. Whether you're showcasing a real estate property, a tourist destination, or an educational exhibit, hotspots play a crucial role in guiding your viewers' exploration. With CloudPano, you can ensure a seamless and engaging virtual tour experience for your audience.

Logo: Enhancing Your Virtual Tours with Customized Branding on CloudPano

Imagine introducing your audience to a virtual tour that not only showcases your offering but also reinforces your brand identity. A logo serves as a visual symbol that represents your brand, and CloudPano allows you to seamlessly incorporate it into your virtual tours. With CloudPano, you have the ability to add your own logo to your virtual tours, ensuring brand consistency and recognition throughout the entire experience. By customizing the placement and appearance of your logo, you can strengthen your brand presence within the virtual environment.

How it works: CloudPano's intuitive platform makes it effortless to add your logo to your virtual tours. Simply upload your logo image, select the desired placement within the interface, and adjust its size and transparency to achieve the desired effect. Adding your logo to virtual tours helps establish your brand as a reliable and recognizable presence. Whether you're a real estate agent, a travel agency, or a business owner, incorporating your logo through CloudPano elevates your virtual tour's professionalism and reinforces your unique identity.

Micro Features: Elevating User Experience with CloudPano's Customizable Tools

Imagine having a set of finely tuned tools that enhance the overall user experience within a virtual tour. Micro features, such as customizable icons, tooltips, and navigation controls, add a layer of sophistication and interactivity to the CloudPano platform.

What they are: CloudPano not only provides a range of powerful features for creating virtual tours but also offers micro features that make a significant impact on user engagement. These small yet impactful functionalities enable users to navigate, explore, and interact seamlessly within the virtual environment.

How they work: With CloudPano's user-friendly interface, you can easily customize icons, tooltips, and navigation controls. Tailor them to match your branding, adjust their behavior, and provide informative tooltips to guide and engage your audience throughout the virtual tour.

Benefits and applications: The thoughtful inclusion of micro features within your virtual tours elevates the overall user experience. By leveraging CloudPano's customizable tools, you can create a highly engaging and interactive environment that captivates your audience and leaves a lasting impression.

How to Create a 360 Virtual Tour from your Phone

Creating a professional virtual tour does not require expensive equipment or hardware. Like most things, creating a 3D virtual tour can be done on a phone. With a simple app download, selling a home can be made quicker and easier.

The CloudPano mobile app is free to download and intuitive for users. Utilizing the app makes creating a 3D virtual tour accessible, without having to buy a 360 camera or a camera stand. 

How to Create a 360 Virtual Tour with CloudPano App:

Step 1

Download the CloudPano app. 

Step 2

If further instruction is needed the top right corner of the app has step-by-step directions on how to use the app. The app is very simple to use, and with practice, great results will follow. 

Step 3

When creating a 360 virtual tour on the app the camera must be vertical, fortunately, the app will notify if the camera is not vertical. Similar to using a camera and camera stand, it is best to aim for the same height in every room. Again, the rule of thumb is 5ft. The best way to achieve consistent height is by creating a reference point such as shoulder height.

Step 4

The fourth step is fairly simple, just tap anywhere to start.

Step 5

Take notice of the Yin and Yang symbol. The Yin and Yang should be separated, Slowly turn the camera, until the Yin and Yang are connected. Pause briefly once the Yin and Yang meet then continue turning until the whole room is captured. On another note, there is a light that will turn green if everything is running smoothly. 

Step 6 

The panorama will automatically save to your camera roll and move on to the next room until complete.

Virtual Tour: Unlocking Immersive Experiences with CloudPano's Multimedia Presentations

Imagine transporting your audience to a simulated or real-world environment, allowing them to explore and interact remotely. CloudPano specializes in creating virtual tours that combine 360-degree images, videos, and interactive elements, unlocking immersive experiences for viewers.

What it is: A virtual tour is a multimedia presentation that replicates the feeling of being physically present in a specific location. CloudPano's expertise lies in curating virtual tours that engage users by providing them with a comprehensive and interactive exploration of the environment.

How it works: With CloudPano's platform, you can create virtual tours by seamlessly integrating 360-degree images, videos, and interactive elements. By connecting scenes, adding hotspots, and customizing the tour's flow, you transport your audience into an immersive virtual experience.

Benefits and applications: Virtual tours have diverse applications across industries such as real estate, tourism, education, and entertainment. Whether you're showcasing properties, promoting destinations, or providing educational experiences, CloudPano's virtual tour capabilities enable you to captivate and engage your audience in a unique and immersive way.

Add Scenes: Crafting Immersive Journeys with CloudPano's Scene Integration

Imagine guiding your audience through a captivating virtual journey, seamlessly transitioning between different areas or points of interest. CloudPano's scene integration feature empowers you to create virtual tours with multiple scenes, allowing users to navigate and explore each viewpoint. CloudPano's platform enables you to easily add scenes to your virtual tours, providing users with a rich and immersive experience. By connecting scenes with hotspots, you create a seamless transition between different areas, fostering a sense of discovery and engagement. Within CloudPano's intuitive interface, you can effortlessly add scenes to your virtual tour. By capturing multiple viewpoints using 360-degree images or videos, you can curate a compelling narrative and guide your audience through an interactive exploration of your chosen environment.

Benefits and applications: Adding scenes to your virtual tours enhances the storytelling potential and user engagement. Whether you're showcasing a real estate property, an architectural masterpiece, or a tourist destination, CloudPano's scene integration empowers you to craft immersive journeys that captivate and inspire your audience.

Floor Plans: Unlocking Spatial Understanding within Virtual Tours with CloudPano

CloudPano offers more than just stunning 360-degree visual content in virtual tours. It allows users to incorporate interactive floor plans, enhancing spatial understanding. By seamlessly transitioning between the immersive visuals and detailed floor plans, viewers can gain comprehensive knowledge of the space's layout and organization. This unique feature enriches the virtual experience, providing practical insights and educational opportunities. Explore, understand, and appreciate spaces like never before with CloudPano's fusion of visuals and interactive floor plans.

What they are: Floor plans are 2D representations of a space, providing a bird's-eye view of the layout, dimensions, and flow. CloudPano allows you to seamlessly integrate floor plans within your virtual tours, enabling viewers to navigate and comprehend the space's spatial arrangement. Within CloudPano's platform, you can easily import and incorporate floor plans into your virtual tours. By placing interactive hotspots on the floor plans, users can explore different areas of the space, gaining a deeper understanding of its structure and functionality. Including floor plans within virtual tours is especially valuable in real estate, architecture, or event planning. By providing viewers with a visual representation of the space's layout, CloudPano's floor plan integration enhances their understanding and facilitates decision-making.

Watermark: Preserving Your Brand's Identity with CloudPano's Watermarking Feature

With CloudPano's watermarking feature, you can confidently share your virtual tours, knowing that your content is protected and tied to your brand. By adding visible overlays or marks, CloudPano ensures that your ownership, branding, or copyright information is prominently displayed, giving you peace of mind and maintaining the integrity of your content. Watermarks are essential elements in protecting your intellectual property. CloudPano's platform provides the capability to add watermarks to your virtual tours, ensuring that your content remains secure and associated with your brand. With CloudPano's intuitive interface, you can easily upload and position watermarks within your virtual tours. Whether it's your logo, copyright notice, or branding elements, the watermarking feature allows you to visually assert ownership and protect your virtual tour content.

Watermarks add a layer of professionalism and security to your virtual tours. Whether you're a photographer, a real estate agent, or a business showcasing your products or services, CloudPano's watermarking feature ensures your content is attributed to your brand, safeguarding its integrity and preventing unauthorized use.

Editor: Unleashing Creativity and Customization with CloudPano's Web-Based Editor

Imagine having complete control over the customization and fine-tuning of your virtual tours, creating an engaging and personalized experience for your audience. CloudPano's comprehensive web-based editor equips you with intuitive controls to craft and shape your virtual tours to perfection.

What it is: CloudPano's editor is a powerful tool that allows you to customize and fine-tune every aspect of your virtual tours. From adjusting scenes to adding hotspots, embedding media, and applying various customization options, the editor empowers you to unleash your creativity and create captivating virtual experiences.

How it works: Within CloudPano's platform, the web-based editor provides an intuitive interface where you can make real-time modifications to your virtual tours. With easy-to-use controls, you can customize scenes, add interactive hotspots, embed images or videos, and tailor the tour's overall look and feel.

Benefits and applications: CloudPano's editor is ideal for anyone seeking complete creative control over their virtual tours. Whether you're a professional photographer, a marketer, or a business owner, the editor's versatility and customization options enable you to create visually stunning and engaging virtual experiences.

Beyond the Surface: Unveiling Deeper Meaning of Virtual Tours

New Window: Seamlessly Integrate Your Virtual Tours with CloudPano's New Window Feature

Imagine browsing a website and stumbling upon a captivating virtual tour. With the new window feature offered by CloudPano, you can seamlessly embed your virtual tours within websites or launch them in a separate browser window or tab, allowing for an immersive and uninterrupted experience.

What it is: CloudPano empowers you to integrate your virtual tours into your online presence effortlessly. By opening the tours in a new window, you provide a seamless transition from your website to the immersive virtual environment, enhancing user engagement and exploration.

How it works: With CloudPano's intuitive platform, you can easily generate an embed code or link that opens your virtual tour in a new window. This ensures that your audience can fully immerse themselves in the experience while maintaining a seamless connection to your website.

Benefits and applications: Whether you're a real estate agent showcasing properties, a travel agency presenting destinations, or a business highlighting your space, the new window feature allows for a captivating and uninterrupted exploration of your virtual tours, seamlessly integrated into your online presence.

Video Call: Exploring the Boundaries of Virtual Communication with CloudPano

Imagine the ability to communicate with others in real-time, seeing and hearing them as if you were physically present. While CloudPano primarily focuses on creating immersive virtual tours, it does not currently offer built-in video calling functionality. Video calls have revolutionized the way we connect and collaborate, bringing people closer regardless of their physical location. Although CloudPano's primary focus is on creating captivating virtual tours, it doesn't currently provide native video calling features within its platform.

Alternative solutions: To facilitate real-time communication alongside your virtual tours, you can integrate popular video calling platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. By including links or buttons within your virtual tours, you can seamlessly transition between the immersive environment and live video calls. While CloudPano doesn't offer native video calling, you can leverage external video calling solutions to enhance your virtual tour experience. This integration enables you to engage with clients, collaborate with team members, or provide interactive guided tours, fostering a deeper connection and understanding.

Infospot: Unveiling Hidden Gems within Your Virtual Tours using CloudPano's Interactive Infospots

Imagine exploring a virtual tour and coming across an interactive element that reveals valuable information and enriches your understanding of a specific point of interest. Infospots within CloudPano's virtual tours bring this possibility to life. Infospots are interactive elements placed within a virtual tour that provide additional context, information, or details about a specific feature or point of interest.

CloudPano allows you to easily add infospots, enhancing the overall engagement and educational value of your tours. Within CloudPano's intuitive interface, you can position and customize infospots to highlight key features, showcase product details, or provide relevant information. By clicking or interacting with these spots, users gain access to supplementary content, enriching their virtual tour experience. Infospots serve as powerful tools to engage your audience, offer educational value, and encourage exploration within your virtual tours. Whether you're showcasing historical landmarks, guiding museum visitors, or providing detailed product information, infospots create a dynamic and interactive environment.

Share Accounts: Collaborate and Empower Your Team with CloudPano's Share Account Feature

Imagine working on a virtual tour project with multiple team members or clients, each having their designated level of access and contribution. CloudPano's share account feature makes collaborative and streamlined project management a reality.

CloudPano enables you to create and share access to virtual tours by setting up multiple user accounts. This feature allows you to grant different levels of permission to team members or clients, empowering them to view, edit, or manage specific projects or tours. Within CloudPano's platform, you can easily invite team members or clients to collaborate by assigning them specific roles and permissions. This ensures that each stakeholder has the appropriate level of access and can contribute effectively to the project.

Benefits and applications: The share account feature simplifies collaboration and project management within CloudPano. Whether you're working with a team of photographers, designers, or clients, this feature streamlines communication, enhances productivity, and enables seamless coordination on virtual tour projects.

Capture 360 Photo: Unleash Your Creativity with CloudPano's Effortless 360 Photo Integration

Imagine capturing stunning 360 photos and seamlessly incorporating them into your virtual tours or using them as standalone visual assets. CloudPano's user-friendly interface empowers you to unleash your creativity and bring your vision to life. CloudPano provides a seamless integration for capturing and uploading 360 photos directly from compatible cameras or mobile devices. These photos can then be effortlessly integrated into virtual tours, enhancing the immersive experience and captivating your audience.

How it works: With CloudPano, you can easily import and integrate your 360 photos into your virtual tours. The intuitive platform allows you to upload your photos, arrange them within the tour, and create a cohesive narrative that takes your audience on a captivating visual journey. Whether you're a professional photographer, a real estate agent, or a business owner, CloudPano's 360 photo integration offers endless possibilities. From showcasing properties to creating virtual travel experiences, the ability to capture and incorporate 360 photos enriches your virtual tour content, captivating and engaging your audience.

Why CloudPano is the Best Tour Software?

Creating 360 virtual tours provides numerous opportunities for real estate. 3D virtual tours save real estate agents from spending hours on end taking potential buyers to different homes.  Virtual tours eliminate homes clients are uninterested in purchasing and only show homes eligible for purchase. 

360 virtual tours are not only beneficial for narrowing houses down to purchase but an avenue to reach long-distance buyers. Shopping for long-distance moves can be difficult, and in-person tours are hardly an option without major spending. 

CloudPano is a software that makes creating 360 virtual tours look professional all while being user-friendly and intuitive. 

Floor Plan Hot Spots: With this feature, you can create interactive hot spots on a 2D floor plan. Hot spots act as clickable areas that provide additional information or navigation options within the virtual tour, allowing viewers to explore specific points of interest in the property.

2D Floor Plan: The CloudPano app enables you to include a 2D floor plan in your virtual tour. This feature gives viewers a bird's-eye view of the property layout and helps them navigate through different rooms or areas of the space.

3D Dollhouse: The 3D Dollhouse feature allows viewers to visualize the property from various angles and perspectives. It provides a comprehensive view of the entire property, enabling a better understanding of the spatial layout.

Thumbnail Tours: Thumbnail tours provide a convenient way for viewers to navigate through multiple virtual tours. They are a collection of small preview images that represent different sections or rooms within the property. By clicking on a thumbnail, viewers can jump directly to that specific area of the virtual tour.

Live Chat Call: This feature allows you to engage with potential buyers or clients in real-time during their virtual tour experience. Viewers can communicate with you through live chat, asking questions or seeking additional information about the property.

VR Mode: Virtual Reality (VR) mode provides an immersive experience for viewers by enabling them to explore the virtual tour using VR headsets. This feature enhances the sense of presence and allows for a more interactive and engaging tour experience.

Capture Leads: The CloudPano app offers lead capture forms that you can integrate into your virtual tours. This enables you to collect valuable contact information from potential buyers or clients, facilitating follow-up communication and conversion opportunities.

Google Street View: CloudPano allows you to integrate your virtual tours with Google Street View. By linking your tours to the Google Street View platform, you can expand the visibility of your virtual tours and reach a wider audience.

Integration with CloudPano provides seamless integration with, a popular online platform for real estate listings. This integration allows you to showcase your virtual tours directly on listings, increasing exposure for your properties.

Connects to Zillow: CloudPano also offers integration with Zillow, another widely used real estate platform. By connecting your virtual tours to Zillow listings, you can attract more potential buyers and provide them with an immersive tour experience.

Customize Themes: The app provides various customizable themes for your virtual tours. You can choose from different styles and designs to match the branding or aesthetics of your business or property.

Team Editing: CloudPano allows multiple team members to collaborate on virtual tour creation. This feature enables efficient teamwork and streamlines the process of creating and editing tours, especially in a collaborative work environment.

Referral Programs: CloudPano offers referral programs that allow you to earn rewards or benefits by referring others to use the platform. These programs incentivize users to share the benefits of CloudPano with their network and expand its user base.

Access to a Private Facebook Group: As a CloudPano subscriber, you gain access to a private Facebook group. This community provides a platform for sharing ideas, tips, and experiences with other users, fostering collaboration and learning within the CloudPano community.

These features provided by the CloudPano subscription enhance the functionality and customization options for your virtual tours, empowering you to create engaging and professional experiences for your audience.

Visit and embark on your journey towards creating captivating virtual tours that leave a lasting impression.

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