How many lenses does the Insta360 One X3 have?

Exploring the Dual Fisheye Lenses on the Insta360 One X3 360 Camera

The recently released Insta360 One X3 brings upgraded video resolution, image quality, and intuitive capture tools to the popular consumer 360 camera line. One key feature enabling its cutting-edge 5.7K 360 footage is an innovative dual-lens design.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how the two fisheye lenses in the One X3 work together to deliver immersive views.

Capturing a Full 360 Perspective

On its own, each lens on the One X3 can capture a circular 180-degree field of view. Positioned back-to-back on the camera body, the two lenses together “see” the entire world around them in all directions. Their exceptionally wide views give the One X3 its signature 360 video and photo-capturing capabilities.

Advanced Stitching Algorithms

To transform the separate fisheye images into unified 360 media, Insta360 utilizes advanced image stitching technology. Powerful algorithms analyze the overlapping edges of the dual lens output and seamlessly combine them into a single smooth, continuous wrap-around scene. This stitching is handled automatically in-camera for efficient processing.

Enhanced Resolution & Details

By merging two fisheye lens perspectives, the One X3 also enjoys a significant resolution boost over single-lens consumer 360 cams. This shows in specs like 5.7K video recording and 72MP still photo capture, which provide ample resolution for immersive playback experiences and detail-rich images. The dual 195-degree FOV design works hand-in-hand with top-of-the-line imaging sensors to drive the One X3’s stellar imaging metrics.

Intuitive Capture & Creative Control

Despite its dual lens sophistication, the One X3 retains Insta360's emphasis on effortless use. Smart auto exposure, stabilization, and stitching enable pro-level results with just the tap of a button. Meanwhile shooting modes like Active HDR, Deep Track focus and Starlapse unlock advanced creative options to make the most of the 360 capabilities. For discerning creators seeking more control, a connected app allows for granular manual tweaks too.

If you’re seeking cutting-edge immersive capture powered by an innovative dual lens design, learn more about the Insta360 One X3’s industry-leading features on Insta360’s official website. The dual fisheye sensor system helps explain how this sub-$500 consumer 360 cam can produce such stunning 5.7K resolution and 72MP image quality.


The Insta360 One X3 sets itself apart from other consumer 360 cams thanks to an advanced dual lens design with two 195-degree fisheye sensors. By capturing and stitching together immersive 180-degree views, it is able to output detailed 5.7K video and 72MP still images. Paired with smart creative features and intuitive operation, the dual lens foundation enables the One X3 to reach new heights of performance and usability for under $500.

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