How heavy is the Insta360 One RS?

Lightweight and Portable: The Compact Size of the Insta360 One RS

For a powerful 360 camera capable of 5.7K video, the Insta360 One RS is surprisingly compact and lightweight. Weighing in at around 6 ounces total, you can comfortably take this camera anywhere.

Here is a breakdown of the Insta360 One RS dimensions:

  • Core: 2.9 oz (battery base)
  • 360 Mod: 1.3 oz (dual lens module)
  • 4K Mod: 1.2 oz (wide angle lens module)
  • Total: Approximately 6 oz fully assembled

The unique modular design keeps each component lightweight. You only need to attach the lens module required for the shoot.

Even fully loaded, the Insta360 One RS weighs about the same as an average smartphone. The slim form factor fits nicely in your pocket or gear bag.

Some benefits of the lightweight size:

  • Comfortable for handheld shooting
  • Easy to mount on helmets, cars, drones, etc.
  • Convenient for travel and adventure
  • Highly portable for everyday use

Despite its small size, the One RS still packs top level specs like 5.7K video recording, FlowState stabilization and a high capacity battery. This lightweight 360 camera goes anywhere your creativity takes you.

For limitless shooting potential in a highly portable package, the Insta360 One RS delivers. Visit Insta360 to learn more about this innovative camera.


Weighing just 6 ounces, the compact Insta360 One RS is easy to take anywhere without weighing you down. Despite its tiny footprint, this lightweight camera retains top tier performance for stunning 5.7K stabilized video and 72MP photos. When portability matters, the One RS rises to the occasion.

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