How does the Insta360 One RS compare to the GoPro Max?

CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
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Insta360 One RS vs GoPro Max: How the Modular and Fixed-Lens 360 Cameras Stack Up

For creators seeking an excellent consumer 360 camera, two top options often compared are the Insta360 One RS and the GoPro Max. While both shoot 5.7K 360 video, there are some key differences in their designs.

Interchangeable vs Fixed Lenses

The biggest difference is the Insta360 One RS uses a modular design with interchangeable lenses. It can swap between dual 360, 4K wide angle, and 1-inch sensor modules.

The GoPro Max only has one fixed dual lens module for 360 capturing. No lens swapping is possible.

The One RS gives more flexibility if you want to alternate between 360 and standard shooting. But the Max offers a simpler all-in-one configuration some may prefer.

Front Display Screen

The GoPro Max features a small front display screen for framing shots when the camera is facing away from you. It lets you preview your shot or start recording without needing your smartphone.

The Insta360 One RS lacks a front display. It relies on a smartphone app for remote previewing and control.

The front screen gives the Max better standalone operation. But app control on the One RS provides more adjustment options.

Stabilization Methods

Both cameras feature advanced stabilization for smoothing out video. The One RS uses FlowState stabilization while the Max uses HyperSmooth. Both work very well based on camera tests.

For creators deciding between these two excellent 360 cameras, look at the modularity versus front screen trade-offs and other factors important to your shooting style. Either model can capture amazing immersive content.


The One RS wins on modularity while the Max offers simpler operation with its front display. Both shoot incredible 5.7K stabilized 360 footage. Choosing between these two comes down to which strengths match your shooting needs, but the innovative designs ensure 360 success either way.

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