Exploring the Best Platforms for Publishing and Sharing Insta360 Virtual Tours

What are some well-known websites or social media outlets where Insta360 virtual tours can be published and shared?

360-degree photographs or videos are used in virtual tours, which are immersive and interactive ways to showcase a building, location, or environment. They enable prospective clients, visitors, or consumers to examine the area from various angles and viewpoints as if they were actually there. Virtual tours may be used for a variety of things, including marketing for real estate, promoting tourism, educating people, providing entertainment, and more.

With the Insta360 camera, which can take high-definition 21MP 360 images with great low-light capabilities, creating a virtual tour is surprisingly simple. One of the most well-known and potent platforms for making and sharing virtual tours, the Matterport app, allows users to operate and shoot with the Insta360 camera straight from the app. A 3D model of the area may be created automatically by Matterport using the 360-degree pictures, and users can further personalize and improve their virtual tours using tools like floor plans, labels, tags, measurements, and more.

However, uploading and sharing virtual tours made with the Insta360 camera is not limited to Matterport. There are additional websites or platforms that provide varied features, payment options, and advantages for those who create virtual tours. In this post, we’ll introduce a few of the most well-liked ones and contrast them according to their advantages and disadvantages.


Users may upload, edit, and share 360-degree photographs and movies on the Kuula website. With Kuula, users can add transitions, hotspots, music, text, and more to amazing virtual tours. Users of Kuula may see their virtual tours on any VR headset or device because Kuula also supports VR mode. In addition to subscription plans with greater features and storage space starting at $12 per month, Kuula provides a free plan that allows users to upload up to 100 photographs every month.


  • Easy to use editor and interface
  • Support for VR mode
  • Compatibility with Insta360 cameras
  • Reasonable price levels


  • Few choices for modification
  • No development of a 3D model or floor layout
  • Absence of analytics or measuring tools


Another web-based tool that lets users build and share immersive virtual tours with 360-degree images and videos is called iStaging. With the help of iStaging, users may add interactive components to their virtual tours, including hotspots, tags, links, movies, and more. In addition, iStaging offers the VR Maker software, which enables users to take 360-degree pictures with the Insta360 camera directly from the app. In addition to subscription plans starting at $5 a month with more features and storage space, iStaging offers a free plan that enables users to create up to three virtual tours each month.


  • Supports embedding and VR mode
  • Works with Insta360 cameras
  • Comes with the VR Maker software
  • Affordable price ranges


  • No development of a 3D model or floor layout
  • No analytics or measuring tools
  • Fewer editing possibilities


A cloud-based platform called CloudPano is focused on developing and hosting virtual tours for real estate professionals. To build amazing virtual tours with features like hotspots, labels, floor plans, lead capture forms, and more, users may submit their 360-degree photographs or videos to CloudPano. Additionally, CloudPano provides a Pro Plus subscription that comes with a 3D model of the property created from the 360-degree images. In addition to subscription plans starting at $47 per month with additional capabilities and storage capacity, CloudPano offers a free plan that enables users to make up to five virtual tours each month.


  • Created with real estate experts in mind
  • Supports embedding and VR mode
  • Works with Insta360 cameras
  • Offers 3D model generation


  • Exorbitant pricing structures
  • There are few customization possibilities and no measurement or analytics tools.

You can see that there are several websites and platforms available for publishing and sharing virtual tours made with an Insta360 camera. Depending on your requirements, interests, and financial situation, each offers pros and cons.

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