Does the One X3 have horizon leveling?

Keep Footage Flat With FlowState Horizon Leveling on the Insta360 One X3

A common challenge when reviewing 360 footage comes from slightly off-kilter camera orientation introducing distracting tilts warping the horizon line across immersive perspectives. Advanced consumer devices like the Insta360 One X3 provide countermeasures through algorithmic horizon leveling automation keeping scenes naturally flat.

Powerful FlowState Stabilization

At the core of the One X3’s horizon optimization abilities lies robust digital stabilization technology called FlowState. By analyzing motion across 6 axes, it can accurately isolate unwanted camera rotations from intentional movements to cancel out tilt issues.

Maintains Full 5.7K Quality

Unlike simpler stabilization approaches that reframe or warp images to remove wobbles thereby losing quality, FlowState counter-rotates the full sensory sphere in real-time. This preserves the complete 5.7K visual details while recording for maximum correction range in editing later too.

Easily Eliminates Minor Mounting Shifts

Even using the included invisible mounting stick or other accessories, the fluid nature of handheld operation introduces micro side-to-side and up-down shifts altering horizons inadvertently. But the One X3’s advanced FlowState software dissolution ensures consistently flat, level playback regardless of minor orientation deviations.

Keep viewers focused on your creative 360 perspectives, not questionable camera work. With efficient digital stabilization, the Insta360 One X3 delivers reliably horizontal horizons shot after shot thanks to sophisticated FlowState software analysis. Explore more features at Insta360’s website.


Through powerful FlowState digital stabilization able to counter-rotate the full 360 spheres at up to 5.7K resolution in real-time, the Insta360 One X3 keeps footage smoothly level by easily correcting minor sideways and vertical mounting shifts.

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