Does the One X3 have built-in storage?

Managing 5.7K 360 Footage: Storage Solutions for the Insta360 One X3

With the ability to capture stunning 5.7K video at 30fps and 72MP still images, the Insta360 One X3 gives creators ample resolution to explore immersive storytelling. However, managing all those pixels requires adequate storage capacity both in the camera and for offloading media.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at built-in and external storage options on the One X3.

Requires External MicroSD Card

The One X3 does not include any integrated, onboard flash storage. Instead, it relies fully on the insertion of a user-provided microSD memory card for capturing photos and video footage. Media is immediately stored on the card to avoid limited internal buffers. Cards up to 512GB are supported.

Built-In USB-C Port

Getting footage off the One X3 is enabled by an integrated, weather-sealed USB Type-C port. This allows direct connection to computers, mobile devices, or USB drives for convenient media transfers. USB 3.1 Gen1 speeds allow for efficient wired offloading of high-res content. Cards can also be removed to access footage.

Managing Large File Sizes

While the One X3 shoots high pixel counts, the files remain manageable thanks to efficient compression. A minute of 5.7K 30fps footage requires around 130MB, with 72MP 360 photos under 20MB each on average. This keeps storage minimums reasonable while retaining impressive detail. Support for 512GB cards provides ample capacity.

Worry-Free 360 Capture

Not needing to fret about available storage space, built-in capacity limits or offloading workflows allows creators to stay focused on capturing amazing 5.7K content with the One X3. Just insert a common microSD card and connect to existing devices for storage that can grow and evolve over time at very reasonable costs.

Make sure to pick up a suitable memory card rated for high-resolution 360 footage along with your Insta360 One X3 camera! Then explore all the possibilities once ample room for 5.7K videos and 72MP photos is in easy reach. Learn more at the official One X3 product page.


While the Insta360 One X3 does not have built-in storage, support for affordable user-provided microSD cards up to 512GB plus convenient USB-C transfer ensures ample capacity for capturing, managing, and accessing stunning 5.7K and 72MP 360 content.

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