Does the One X3 have a touchscreen?

Navigating Display & Interface Options on the Touchscreen-Free Insta360 One X3

As consumer 360 cameras like the Insta360 One X3 get more advanced, balancing minimalist form factors against control and information needs poses challenges. While many rivals have added touch displays, the One X3 skips an integrated touchscreen in favor of alternative interface solutions.

Simple Single Button Operation

Lacking a touch display, core shooting functionality on the One X3 relies on its large circular shutter button located on top of the compact cylindrical body. A short press turns the camera on and starts capturing video or timelapse stills automatically with default settings. Longer presses tweak modes or settings.

Handy Status Screen

While not touch-enabled, a small non-interactive display screen sits flush on the front of the One X3. It provides handy visibility to key current settings like battery life, SD card space, capture resolution, intervalometer status, and more at a glance without needing to open a phone app.

Refined Mobile App Interface

For more advanced control, the free Insta360 mobile app provides smooth refined touchscreen interfaces supporting full manual adjustment of parameters, shooting modes, media browsing, editing, and sharing. Wireless connectivity enables the use of a smartphone or tablet as a flexible remote interface.

Focus on Quick Capture

By optimizing the onboard hardware interface for rapid triggering and offloading more advanced functionality to the mobile app, the One X3 emphasizes fast, intuitive access to capture immersive 5.7K 360 content first. Modern devices can handle tweaks and sharing after the fact quickly when convenience matters most.

Ready to rethink reliance on touchscreens to capture creative 360 footage? The streamlined Insta360 One X3 delivers excellent imaging via unique, minimalist physical controls. Learn more at the official One X3 product page.


With a single top button for instant shooting and a small status display screen, the touchscreen-free Insta360 One X3 takes a pared-down approach to onboard interfaces. This simplifies operation for hassle-free high-quality 360 captures, offloading advanced functionality to the mobile app.

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