Does the Insta360 One RS take photos?

CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
5 min read
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Immersive Still Images: Photo Shooting with the Insta360 One RS

While the Insta360 One RS is powerful for shooting 5.7K video, this versatile 360 camera also excels at capturing stunning photos. Depending on which lens module you use, the One RS can shoot immersive 360 images or ultra-detailed standard pics.

With the dual lens 360 module attached, you can take:

  • 19MP 360 photos
  • Seamless and interactive 360 image capture
  • 360 panoramas ready for VR headsets
  • Shareable on social media and apps like Google Street View

The large image sensor on the 1-inch mod allows:

  • 19MP non-360 images
  • 72MP panoramic photos
  • Pro-quality high resolution stills
  • Great low light performance

No matter which mode, photos benefit from:

  • PureShot photo stabilization
  • HDR for balanced lighting
  • RAW photo support
  • Starlapse capture
  • TimeShift hyperlapse effects

The unique modular design means you can shoot an immersive 360 panorama, then quickly switch to standard photography with a lens swap taking seconds. This versatility makes the One RS highly appealing for real estate, travel, action shots and more.

For pro-level photo capabilities from a compact device, the Insta360 One RS stands out. It takes your static images to the next creative level.


With its interchangeable lenses, the One RS lets creators capture 19MP 360 panoramas or 72MP ultra high-res standard images. This versatile pro-level photography expands the possibilities and cements the One RS as a top choice for both photo and video content creators.

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