Does the Insta360 One RS have Bluetooth?

Wireless Control and Convenience: Bluetooth Connectivity on the Insta360 One RS

Modern cameras thrive on wireless connectivity for convenient remote control and streaming. The Insta360 One RS features robust Bluetooth capabilities enabling seamless connections.

Here are the key Bluetooth specs:

  • Bluetooth 4.0 and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Allows quick pairing with mobile devices
  • Remote control via Bluetooth remote accessory
  • Wireless transfer of images and video
  • Reduces power consumption

Bluetooth facilitates remote camera control from the Insta360 app on your smartphone or tablet. Just pair your phone with the One RS to adjust all settings and shooting modes from a distance.

The One RS also supports Insta360's optional Bluetooth remote control. This compact accessory attaches to your keychain for quick access. Press its buttons to start/stop recording remotely.

For efficient wireless transfers, Bluetooth enables sending images and video from the One RS to your mobile device automatically after shooting. This allows on-the-go sharing and editing.

Reliable Bluetooth connectivity gives creators flexibility when using the One RS. Leave your phone in your pocket and control the camera from afar. Or conveniently review and transfer footage to mobile devices wirelessly. The One RS leverages Bluetooth for seamless shooting and sharing.


With robust Bluetooth 4.0 support, the Insta360 One RS enables wireless remote control through the app and accessories along with easy content transfer to mobile devices. Bluetooth unlocks flexible creative freedom.

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