Does the Insta360 One RS have an app?

Enhancing Your Creative Workflow: The Insta360 App for One RS

A revolutionary camera like the Insta360 One RS deserves an equally innovative app. The free Insta360 app for iOS and Android devices unlocks robust editing, viewing, and camera control capabilities through an intuitive interface.

Key Features of the Insta360 App

  • Direct camera control - Adjust settings, start/stop recording, switch lenses, and more
  • Quick editing tools - Trim, adjust speed, add filters, titles, music
  • Advanced editing features - Multi-track timeline, color grading, cloning
  • AI creative filters - Cinematic wizard, timelapse, cloning, sky replacement
  • Shot Lab - Discover brilliant frames within footage to snap photos
  • Stabilization - Smooth out shaky footage easily
  • Export and share - Save edited videos or share directly to social media

With a direct connection to your One RS via WiFi or Bluetooth, the Insta360 app becomes an extension of the camera. Intuitive editing tools help you style videos quickly. The AI edit features tap into machine learning to creatively enhance footage with just a few taps.

Download the free Insta360 app for iOS or Android to fully unlock the robust post-production power of your One RS.


The innovative Insta360 app completes the experience for creators using the One RS camera. With its unique editing tools, creative AI filters, and seamless camera control, the app streamlines your workflow while unleashing professional enhancements. Download it as an essential part of your modular One RS kit to maximize your creative output before and after shooting.

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