Do Virtual Home Tours Help Properties Get More Renters and Buyers?

CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
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People are now able to move more freely as the future is guiding us towards the age of remote work and advanced technology. Technology is evolving to allow us to accomplish more advanced tasks from the screens in our homes. Among many tasks, house hunting is one task that people are longing to accomplish from the comfort of their homes.

For a while now, pictures of a home, business, or apartment complex have been effective towards the sale of the property. As telecommunications advance, the future is leading us towards simulating a more realistic experience such as 3D guided home tours. The desire to be fully submerged into a home tour from a computer screen is increasing just as quickly as technology is changing. It is critical for real estate agents to meet this demand by providing 3D virtual tours

Advantages of 3D Virtual Home Tours 

The benefits of 3D virtual home tours are as follows:

  1. Reach Long-Distance Buyers: 3D virtual home tours enable you to connect with buyers who are located far away. They can explore the property as if they were there in person, eliminating geographical barriers.
  2. Save Time and Money: By offering virtual tours, you can reduce the need for physical showings, saving both time and money for both buyers and sellers. Prospective buyers can get a comprehensive view of the property's layout and features remotely.
  3. Enhance Accessibility for All Potential Buyers: Virtual tours make properties more accessible to individuals with mobility challenges. People who might have difficulty with in-person visits can now explore homes comfortably from their own surroundings.
  4. Stand Out from the Competition: Incorporating 3D virtual tours sets your property apart in a crowded real estate market. It demonstrates a modern and innovative approach to selling homes, capturing the attention of tech-savvy buyers.
  5. Keep Pace with the Rise of Virtual Reality: Embracing 3D virtual home tours allows you to align with the growing trend of virtual reality in various industries. It shows that you are adapting to changing technologies and catering to the preferences of contemporary buyers.

By leveraging these advantages, 3D virtual home tours offer a compelling solution for property sellers and buyers alike, revolutionizing the real estate experience.

Reach Long Distance Buyers with 3D Virtual Tours

Due to various controversial reasons, people across the nation are moving to different states. To accommodate these long distance moves, 3D virtual tours provide an avenue for buyers to view the home in a way that simulates walking through the property that pictures alone can not imitate.

The overall 3D experience creates a more convenient and cost effective means for the buyer to view homes in different states. 3D virtual tours increase the consumer market from locals to high paying buyers across the nation, and even the world. Below is a table showing five states people are leaving and where they are moving to

Time Advantages of Virtual Tours

Staging a home or property is a key factor in whether or not potential buyers/renters take interest in a property. 3D virtual tours make it possible to stage and show a property once rather than numerous days, weeks, and months.

3D virtual tours provide an upper hand by saving time. The real estate agent or seller can create a warm and comfortable space the day the home is photographed. Once the 360 photographs are captured, the showing can reach a wide variety of potential buyers and not just those who can make it to a showing on a single day.   The real estate agent or seller will only need to do physical showings for serious buyers. This  saves not only on cost such as gas, but opportunity cost.

Utilizing 3D home tours adds time value and saves on opportunity cost by allowing a simulation tour to occur anywhere at any time, without using the real estate agent or seller's time. The real estate agent, agency, and seller is able to use their time and the opportunity cost of that time while potential buyers tour homes at their convenience. 

Distinguishing 3D Virtual Tours from Online Photographs

The 3D Virtual Tour Experience

3D virtual tours create an overall experience for  potential buyers or renters compared to online photographs of the property. The experience is immersive and simulates the feeling of walking through the property, whereas pictures flaunt only parts of the property. Yes, flaunting, or showing the best parts, can be a good thing, however, 360 virtual tours exhibit the whole property by providing accurate expectations. 

3D Virtual Tours Provide Immersion

3D virtual tours are immersive. This means the potential buyers and renters can view the property relatively similar to physically being on the property. Potential buyers and renters can imagine themself and their belongings in the space. Spouses or roommates can daydream where to place their furniture, and envision living at the property with a much more captivating experience.

Quality Layout View with 3D Tours

Speaking of daydreamers, potential buyers and renters will have a quality layout view of the property to conceptualize exactly how they could decorate their new home. Online photographs sometimes have a layout picture, however, the layout picture does not as readily demonstrate how the property is designed. 

3D Tours Give Accurate Expectations

We have all gone to a movie we were excited to see, then leave the theater because our expectations were not met. The movie just was not as awesome as we had anticipated. The same can happen with online photographs for a home. 

Photographs are deceiving, distorting how the property may actually look. This sounds like an advantage to get people interested in the property. However, this could lead to negative advertising through word of mouth.  If a potential buyer or renter has unrealistic expectations, that person will leave disappointed. 

3D Virtual Tours Increase Exposure

3D virtual tours stand out, which increases exposure. Being submerged into an exciting and captivating 360 home tour will lead to potential buyers/renters staying on the site longer. The longer the potential consumers stay on the site the better. 

The mere exposure effect is a phenomenon where individuals are more likely to choose a product, such as a property, solely because that product is familiar. Those potential buyers and renters have the opportunity to tour the house with 3D virtual tours as many times as they please. The same potential buyers/renters are also more likely to click on the property with 3D virtual tours compared to simple photographs. 

The Rise of Virtual Reality

In the pursuit of sustained success, enterprises and endeavors must remain attuned to both technological advancements and evolving consumer preferences. A notable phenomenon in this trajectory is the ascendance of virtual reality, poised to burgeon into a formidable $12.19 billion industry by the year 2024. Notably, a cluster of prominent companies is making substantial investments in the Metaverse and virtual reality products, including:

  • Meta Platforms Inc. (META)
  • Microsoft Corp.
  • Apple Inc.

In an era characterized by rapid technological strides, the imperative to avoid falling behind the technological curve is paramount. This principle holds particularly true for real estate agents and sellers who can strategically align with advancing technology through the integration of 3D virtual home tours.

The current advantages of 3D virtual tours are evident, even in the realm of computer interfaces. However, the prospect of adopting 360 virtual tours positions real estate agencies ahead of the curve, especially in anticipation of the impending prominence of virtual reality. This trajectory underscores the significance of these immersive experiences, not only for enriching property showcasing but also for facilitating a harmonious synchronization with the unfolding landscape of technological progress.

Remaining attuned to these developments and wisely embracing immersive technologies will enable real estate professionals to not just keep pace, but also carve a pioneering path as virtual reality takes its stride.

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  • Engaging Experiences: Create virtual tours that allow buyers to explore properties as if they were there in person.
  • Increased Efficiency: Save time by weeding out low-intent buyers and providing comprehensive property information upfront.
  • Global Reach: Attract non-local buyers and expand your client base by showcasing properties to a worldwide audience.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Work with more clients in less time, adapting to the growing demands of the real estate market.
  • Optimized Listings: Boost your success rate by offering an in-depth, visual understanding of properties to potential buyers.

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