Digital Twin Asset Management Guide

How Digital Twin Asset Management Can Improve Your Business

When it comes to managing assets, there is a natural desire to find better ways to improve how the asset is utilized. Unfortunately, many methods require a lot of trial and error, and the asset can’t be used efficiently during such a process. Digital twin asset management provides an interesting modern solution to this problem.

What Is Digital Twin Asset Management?

This is the practice of using digital twins to strategize for the management of real assets. Digital twin asset management can be used in manufacturing, prototyping, property management, and anywhere else that virtualization could improve asset management. The technique assists in areas of operational efficiency, data utilization, modeling, and simulations.

What Is a Digital Twin?

To expand on the concept, the digital twin itself is a virtual rendition of the asset. In property management, a digital twin would be a 3D model of the property that is fully updated with the current layout. This digital twin is then used to explore management ideas to improve how the property is put to use.

How to Utilize Digital Twins

With all of that said, how do you actually make use of a digital twin? What can it accomplish? In manufacturing, a digital twin allows you to carefully analyze a product. You can even virtualize design changes to estimate how they will impact performance without the need for prototyping. In property management, digital twins have a few uses. They can help you show off a space to get an occupant. The twin can also give you advanced modeling options that help with workflow or organization within the property. Whatever the application, you can put your digital twin to work in just three steps.

Build the Twin

Naturally, the first step is to build the digital twin. This does require powerful tools and/or resources in 3D modeling. CloudPano’s online resources will walk you through collecting information that can go into the rendering. For a property, the basic process is that you can take photos that are uploaded to the modeling tool. It then turns your group of photographs into a full 3D model. You can also update the models at any point.

Collect Data

For some applications, simply building the model is enough. If you have a rental property that needs a tenant, upload the model, and people can take virtual tours. If the property has more intricate uses, like warehousing or manufacturing, then the model is only the first step. You need work data and statistics to make your model more valuable. By investing in data collection (using resources such as the Internet of Things), you can add productivity statistics to your model and even pair locations with workflow data.

Start Modeling

When data is paired with the rendering, you can use both to run powerful modeling techniques. You can experiment with different physical arrangements to see how it impacts productivity. You can identify bottlenecks in the process and use the digital twin to apply trial and error to as many solutions as you like, all without disrupting daily operations. This is where digital twin asset management shines. The 3D model, paired with powerful data, even allows for the application of machine learning optimization or any other method you want to explore. Use your models to their fullest, and you can consistently update the space in the most efficient ways possible.


Digital twin asset management is a powerful technique that can help you optimize your assets and improve your business performance. By creating and using digital twins, you can leverage data and simulations to test and implement various strategies without affecting your real assets. Whether you want to improve your product design, your property layout, or your workflow efficiency, digital twins can help you achieve your goals faster and easier.

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