Creating Stunning 3D House Tours: A Step-by-Step Guide with Cloudpano

CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
5 min read
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How Can I Design a 3D Home Tour?

How to Use to Impress Your Buyers with 3D House Tours?

Design a 3D Home Tour

A personalized tour of your products might be provided to potential customers without them having to leave their homes. Imagine giving them a thorough and interactive tour of every element and detail of your house. Imagine being able to market your houses, improve leads, and boost sales by utilizing the most recent technology.

It looks too good to be true, don’t you think?

So it’s not, then. It’s possible using, the best software platform for 3D house tours.

A 3D house tour is a virtual representation of a residence that enables 360-degree exploration by users of any device. a step up from physically being there. It is more useful, captivating, and gorgeous.

With the help of a 3D house tour, you can attract more customers, generate more leads, and close more deals. This technology may also make you stand out from the crowd because so few owners or agents are now utilizing it.

How do you create a 3D house tour that wows your buyers, though? The best tool for creating 3D house tours,, is how you go about accomplishing it.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how easy and fun it is to create a stunning 3D house tour with We’ll also show you numerous 3D house tours created by other users and offer some suggestions on how to make your own tours better.

Do you feel ready to start? Get going!

Step 1: Take 360-degree images

The process of making a 3D house tour begins with taking 360-degree pictures of the property. The Cloudpano smartphone app or any 360-degree camera may be used for this.

The entire scene may be captured in a single frame using a 360-degree camera. The Ricoh Theta, Insta360, GoPro Fusion, Samsung Gear 360, and other 360-degree cameras are only a few examples of the many different designs and producers of these devices.

The Cloudpano smartphone app is an alternative option that enables you to produce 360-degree images. All you have to do is download the app from the Google Play or App Store, then follow the on-screen directions to take many photos of each space and stitch them together to create a 360-degree image.

Whatever method you use, make sure to record every room and area of the house that you want to show guests. As far as possible, stay away from moving objects, such as people and animals, as they could cause mistakes or distortions in the final output. Additionally, avoid reflections and direct sunlight since they might affect the exposure and color balance of your photos.

Here are some suggestions for taking top-notch 360° photos:

  • Place your phone or camera in the center of each room, level with your eyes.
  • Use a tripod or a monopod to hold your smartphone or camera level and stable.
  • Rotate your camera or smartphone slowly and smoothly around its axis to ensure that you get every angle.
  • To acquire a more full and accurate portrayal, take many shots of each room from various perspectives.
  • Double-check the clarity and quality of your photographs before moving on to the next room.

Step 2: Upload your tour to to create it

The second step in producing a 3D house tour is uploading your 360-degree photos to and building your tour. Here, the magic happens! is the best software platform for creating 3D house tours. It is reliable, fast, and easy to use. Without any prior knowledge of programming languages or other technical jargon, you may create spectacular 3D house tours with

Create a free account on and start uploading your photos by dragging and dropping your files into the upload box. You may either submit up to 10 photos for each project without charge or sign up for a Pro Plus subscription to access unlimited images and features.

You may start creating your tour by connecting your photographs to hotspots as soon as they have been uploaded. Users may navigate between photographs using hotspots, which are clickable indications. Positioning and look of your hotspots may be customized to your preferences.

You might also include items to improve your trip, such as:

  • Logo: You may add your own logo or branding to the URL to your tour that points to your website or social media profiles.
  • The default view for each image can be changed. This defines what users who access that specific photo will see.
  • Rearrange scenes: You can reorder your photos to more accurately depict the logical flow of the trip.
  • Infospots: You may add text, pictures, videos, links, HTML code, or both to give more background information or context regarding particular features or areas of the property.
  • Live chat: You may have a dialogue with people who are watching your tour in real time and answer any questions or comments they may have.

Additional cutting-edge features offered by for Pro Plus users include:

  • Floor plans: You may add floor plans to your tour and link them to your photographs for a better understanding of the property layout.
  • For users to view your tour using VR goggles or headsets, you may enable the VR mode.
  • Integrations with third parties: You have the option to link your tour to popular websites like, Zillow,, Zumper, Hotpads, Trulia,, and others.

It’s simple and entertaining to create a tour with You are always invited to check out your tour in advance and make changes as you go. When your tour is complete, you can publish it with a simple click and share it with the world.

Step 3: Promote your tour to the world

The third and last step is to show off your 3D house tour to the world. This is where you may advertise your home and wow potential buyers.

When you publish your tour on, you’ll instantly receive a code-based link that you can embed on your website or any other platform. Additionally, you have the option of sharing your trip by email, social media, or QR codes.

Since your tour will be hosted on the swift and secure servers of, you won’t need to be concerned about bandwidth or storage issues. Your tour will also be flexible and compatible with any device, browser, and screen size.

Your trip will be visible to everyone, everywhere, at any time. You may track the outcomes and statistics of your tour using the dashboard. You may quickly edit or modify your journey whenever you want without losing connection or data.


You may easily, quickly, and pleasurable create a 3D house tour that impresses your buyers with Just follow these easy directions:

  • To take 360-degree photos, use any 360 camera or the Cloudpano smartphone software.
  • In order to create your tour, submit your photos to, connect them with hotspots, and add extras like a logo, the first view, the option to rearrange scenes, info spots, live chat, floor plans, VR mode, etc.
  • Share your tour by email, social media, QR codes, or embed it on your website or another platform.

By using to construct a 3D house tour, you can display your property in a way that is immersive and fascinating that draws in more buyers, generates more leads, and closes more transactions. You may also distinguish yourself from the competition by utilizing this cutting-edge technology, which few agents or owners have yet to implement.

So why do you still have to wait? By registering for a free account on, you can immediately create amazing 3D house tours that will impress your potential buyers.

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