Can the One X3 shoot regular non-360 video?

Capturing Only Stunning 5.7K 360 Perspectives with Insta360’s One X3

As consumer 360 cameras push video and image quality to new heights in compact form factors, debating tradeoffs arise. The Insta360 One X3 skips standard rectilinear wide-angle lenses seen on some hybrid rivals, focusing exclusively on refining the 360 capture experience for flawless immersive scenes.

No Standard Lens Options

With two 195-degree fisheye lenses positioned back-to-back comprising the lone camera hardware, the One X3 solely records surround view content. There is no ability to swap standard lenses for more typical wide-angle perspective videos on this model like the modular One RS.

Emphasis on Ease of Use

By concentrating exclusively on excellent integrated 360 optics, Insta360 is able to optimize the One X3 experience specifically for hassle-free operation. Controls, settings, and even accessories like the invisible selfie stick handle flawlessly transition between capturing all directions.

Post Capture Perspective Framing Flexibility

While only immersive footage gets recorded in the camera, Insta360’s best-in-class perspective framing algorithms empower selecting standard fields of view from the 5.7K 360 images in editing to mimic zooming and panning a conventional camera freely. This unlocks similar creative flexibility.

If your passions demand capturing the full world in 5.7K rather than just looking forward, the streamlined Insta360 One X3 presents stunning 360-exclusive output perfect for connecting viewers to previously unseeable views. Discover more at Insta360’s website.


With a fixed dual fisheye lens design optimized for 360 capture, the Insta360 One X3 stands out as delivering the best fully immersive perspectives thanks to exclusive refinement around straightforward surround recording and perspective framing flexibility.

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