Can I use the Insta360 One RS 1-Inch with a selfie stick or tripod?

CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
5 min read
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Versatile Perspectives: Exploring Insta360 One RS 1-Inch Compatibility with Selfie Sticks and Tripods

When it comes to capturing the perfect shot, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference. The Insta360 One RS 1-Inch offers a versatile shooting experience, and one key aspect of its flexibility is its compatibility with selfie sticks and tripods.

In this blog post, we'll explore how the Insta360 One RS 1-Inch seamlessly integrates with these accessories, providing users with the freedom to capture shots from various angles.

Flexibility at Your Fingertips: Insta360 One RS 1-Inch and Selfie Sticks

The Insta360 One RS 1-Inch embraces the convenience of selfie sticks, allowing users to extend their reach and explore creative angles effortlessly. Whether you're capturing group shots, vlogging, or simply aiming for a unique perspective, the compatibility with selfie sticks opens up a world of possibilities for dynamic and engaging content.

Stability and Precision: Insta360 One RS 1-Inch Meets Tripods

For those seeking stability and precision in their shots, the Insta360 One RS 1-Inch is equally compatible with tripods. Whether you're shooting time-lapses, long exposures, or simply want a steady setup for your creative endeavors, attaching the Insta360 One RS 1-Inch to a tripod provides a rock-solid foundation for capturing stunning visuals.

Elevating Your Creative Game

  1. 360-Degree Selfies: Use a selfie stick to capture immersive 360-degree selfies, ensuring that everyone and everything is included in the frame.
  2. Steady Time-Lapses: Set up your Insta360 One RS 1-Inch on a tripod for steady time-lapse shots, showcasing the passage of time with cinematic precision.
  3. Dynamic Vlogging Angles: Experiment with different vlogging angles by extending your reach with a selfie stick, adding a dynamic flair to your on-the-go videos.

Where to Get Your Insta360 One RS 1-Inch

Ready to unleash the full potential of your Insta360 One RS 1-Inch with selfie sticks and tripods? Secure your camera from trusted retailers:

Capture Every Angle with Confidence

The compatibility of the Insta360 One RS 1-Inch with selfie sticks and tripods empowers users to capture every angle with confidence. Whether you're a solo creator, adventurer, or content enthusiast, these accessories enhance the versatility of your Insta360 experience.


The Insta360 One RS 1-Inch transforms your shooting experience by seamlessly integrating with selfie sticks and tripods. Secure your camera today and elevate your creative game, capturing shots from every conceivable angle with ease.

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