Can I use AI filters on the Insta360 One RS?

Elevate Your Footage: Using AI Filters on the Insta360 One RS

Innovative cameras like the Insta360 One RS make it easy to capture stunning 360 and wide-angle video footage. But editing tools are equally as important for adding professional polish to your work. That's why the Insta360 One RS pairs perfectly with the AI editing capabilities inside the Insta360 app.

After importing your footage to the app, you can apply a variety of AI-powered creative filters:

  • Cinematic effects - Adds dramatic color grading, contrast, and mood similar to Hollywood films
  • Time lapses - Converts standard video into hyper fast time lapses
  • Clones - Multiplies subjects to create cool clones within the footage
  • Sky replacement - Substitute dreary skies with vibrant ones

The AI analyzes each frame of video to enhance the look based on your desired filter. This elevates your footage without complex traditional editing. Even better, the app's AI keeps learning your preferences to deliver edits tailored to your style.

Some other great features:

  • In-app quick edits
  • Intuitive editing timeline
  • Add music and voiceovers
  • Export to social media or MP4

Take your Insta360 One RS videos to the next level with AI creative filters. From stunning cinematic looks to artistic time lapses, it’s easy to make your footage stand out. The app even suggests brilliant frames for snapping photos. See the AI editing magic yourself by downloading the Insta360 app for iOS or Android.


The Insta360 One RS captures incredible 360 and wide-angle footage, and the intuitive Insta360 app takes post-production to new heights with its AI editing capabilities. Just a few taps instantly applies cinematic filters and creative effects that normally require complex editing workflows. If you want to save time while taking your videos to professional levels, the Insta360 One RS paired with the Insta360 app is the ideal camera and editing combo for creators seeking maximum results and efficiency.

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