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CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
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How 3D Virtual Tour Software Can Boost Your Car, Truck, or RV Sales

3D virtual tour software has increased the opportunity for so many car, truck, and RV dealerships to give customers viewing options like never before. The world is progressing more toward online functionalities replacing things that up until very recently had been accustomed to only face-to-face interaction. In this blog post, we will show you how CloudPano’s 360 3D virtual tour software can help you market and sell your vehicles more effectively and conveniently.

3D Virtual Tour Software For Marketing & Sales

CloudPano’s 360 3D virtual tour software is a marketing and sales tool to view and share a space or object in a virtual 3D environment. If using a smartphone to view the tour, every movement a customer makes is met with a response from the CloudPano viewer and thus creates an immersive experience.

When using the 3D virtual tours for the truck, car, or RVs, you are allowing your customer a captivating view into their new vehicle. Traditional 2D photos are static, thus they can only give so much detail, and are unable to provide the same multi-angle functions that the 3D tour can facilitate.

Providing Convenience With 3D Virtual Tours

The tours provide a level of convenience beyond the regular online shopping experience, not only allowing customers to shop at any time, but also anywhere as they access the 3D virtual tour for the RV, truck, or car they are most interested in buying is key.

This viewership from afar also gives a customer an opportunity to see for themselves how your business stands out amongst others, and what type of vehicles your dealership has to offer, and with that, they can make the confident decision to pick your business for their vehicle purchase.

Easy Three-Step Process

With the CloudPano 360 virtual tour, you can set up a 3D tour of any car, truck, RV, or even through parts of your dealership via the easy three-step process:

  1. Simply take photos of the interior and exterior of the vehicle using any type of camera or the CloudPano mobile app.
  2. Upload those photos to the CloudPano website and personalize your custom virtual tour.
  3. Finally, publish which allows you to share this tour with your clients and the world!

Embedding Your 360 Virtual Tour in Your Website

If you have a preferred third-party website, one of the best functions of CloudPano’s 360 virtual tours is the ability to embed the link directly into your website. There is no need to recreate code with this software, by simply following the easy three-step process above you will have your virtual 3D tour available to embed directly into your website.

CloudPano hosts the media, while you show off your tour to the world. A single URL link can be shared with your customers, no app needs to be downloaded for viewing.

Additional Features Within the Tour

Some of the other features that are within the tour itself that can help promote your dealership within the 3D tour of your cars, trucks, or RVs:

  • You may customize your logo
  • Use linked hotspots to hyperlink to various media
  • Allow clients can link the tour on social media
  • Embed your own videos, raw HTML, or whatever else
  • There is also the Live 360 Video Chat that allows you to virtually walk the clients directly through the tour, with up to four participants per call.


As the world shifts towards online interactions, 3D virtual tour software has transformed how car, truck, and RV dealerships engage customers. CloudPano's 360 3D virtual tour software redefines marketing and sales, offering immersive experiences that surpass static photos. This innovative tool enhances convenience, bridges the physical-digital gap, and empowers dealerships to stand out. With simple processes and features like customized logos and interactive hotspots, CloudPano drives customer engagement, reshaping the landscape of vehicle sales for the digital era.

Visit CloudPano.com and embark on your journey towards creating captivating virtual tours that leave a lasting impression.

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