Your Virtual Tour Checklist: The Equipment You Need

CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
5 min read
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Virtual tours allow customers to digitally explore locations and spaces through immersive 360 environments. To create professional-quality tours, having the right equipment is essential.

What gear should be on your virtual tour checklist? Let’s walk through the key technology and tools needed to capture and produce interactive virtual experiences.

360 Camera

The most important piece is a 360-degree camera to photograph the physical space. Consumer-level cameras like the Insta360 One X2 and GoPro Max start under $500, while professional-grade cameras like the Matterport Pro2 produce higher-resolution imagery.

Key features to look for include image quality, built-in stabilization, auto stitching capabilities, and connectivity options like WiFi and Bluetooth. This buying guide from Tom’s Guide compares popular options across budgets.

Tripod or Mount

To capture crisp, well-composed 360 imagery, a sturdy tripod or mount is essential. Look for one that extends tall enough to stand at human eye level and provides a compatible mount for your camera.

For best results, use a gimbal head tripod that allows smooth panning 360 degrees. Steadicam-style stabilizers are also great for moving walkthrough shots. Proper stabilization prevents blurring and distortion.


Some 360 cameras allow using additional lenses like fisheye to enhance image quality and focal range. Make sure any added lens accessories are compatible with your camera model and intended 360 capture. Lenses should attach securely.

Consider lens kits that include protective covers and cleaning tools as well. Quality glass lenses and optics make a big difference in resolution and realism.


Audio is as important as visuals for immersive tours. Using external high-quality microphones improves sound capture significantly. Lavalier mics provide crisp voice pickup during guided tours. Shotgun mics grab subtle ambient sounds.

Look for mics with noise cancellation that interface with your camera setup. Review audio samples before purchasing any microphone. The soundscape greatly impacts the virtual tour experience.


Proper scene lighting is also critical for 360 imagery. Low-light visuals look grainy and dull. Use portable battery-powered lights to evenly illuminate rooms and spaces.

Look for adjustable color temperature and brightness. LED panels and tubes work well for smooth and flattering interior lighting. Just take care to avoid lighting reflections.


Given the large file sizes of 360 imagery and video, ample storage capacity is a must. Cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox allow managing assets online. Fast SD cards provide reliable in-camera storage for shoots.

Build in overflow capacity and redundancy so you never lack storage space in the field or studio. With up to 64GB per hour of footage, 360 content fills up storage fast.

Video Editing Software

For stitching footage, adding multimedia embellishments, and publishing tours, 360-compatible editing software is essential. Options like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro require plug-ins to work with 360 assets.

All-in-one solutions like Pano2VR, Kuula, and Matterport streamline editing 360 content. Read reviews to choose user-friendly software for your needs and skill level.

Headset or Headphones

To preview and demo virtual tours, having a VR viewer headset or headphones is key. Simple cardboard-style headsets work on smartphones. Higher-end models like Oculus provide premium immersion. Quality headphones also enhance the audio experience.

Test tours across devices customers may use - don’t just rely on a desktop view. Ensure the experience remains engaging when viewed interactively.

Capturing and producing virtual tours requires specialized 360 gear and tools. Investing in the right equipment ensures professional results and smooth workflows. Carefully research and select solutions tailored to your business needs and budget.

The virtual tour experience for customers is only as good as the technical execution. Use this checklist to help assemble your optimal gear kit. Delivering immersive digital worlds takes quality equipment and expertise.

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