How To Use Video Tour Software To Increase Drone Sales

Are you looking to enhance your drone sales and income as a drone service provider? In this blog post, we’ll delve into a creative and effective strategy that can help you achieve just that. Zach Calhoun, the founder of CloudPano, recently shared an exciting feature that can take your drone business to new heights – the integration of 2D videos into your virtual tours. We’ll explore how this innovation can not only elevate your drone services but also open doors to additional revenue streams.

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Introducing 2D Video Integration

CloudPano has introduced a game-changing feature that allows drone service providers to seamlessly incorporate 2D videos into their virtual tours. Whether it’s vertical or horizontal footage, these videos can now serve as an interchangeable element within your immersive virtual tours. This innovation enables you to add hotspots and info spots to your videos, providing viewers with an immersive experience.

Why Start with a Drone Intro Video?

A captivating drone intro video can set the stage for your virtual tour. It offers viewers a bird’s eye view of the space, showcasing its beauty and location. This introduction creates a compelling sense of place, drawing viewers into the experience. With Cloud Piano’s new feature, you can now use your breathtaking drone footage as the introductory video for your 360-degree virtual tours.

The Business Angle

But how does this enhance your drone sales and income? Zach Calhoun shares a savvy strategy employed by CloudPano. When proposing a virtual tour project to a client, whether it’s for a real estate property, a venue, or any space that can benefit from a virtual tour, offer the option of including drone imagery and drone video. Drones are increasingly popular, and certified pilots are more accessible than ever.

By including drone services in your proposal, even if the client doesn’t initially request it, you create an attractive upselling opportunity for the future. Clients may decide later on that they want drone footage to complement their virtual tour. This opens up a new revenue stream without the need for additional marketing efforts.

Expanding Your Services

Furthermore, don’t limit your offerings to just drone services. As a drone service provider, you have unique access to clients on location. If your clients are delighted with your work and trust you, take the opportunity to introduce them to other services you offer. This could include website development, local SEO, marketing services, or any other complementary services your business provides.

Engage in conversation with your clients about their future needs and upcoming projects. Plant the seed for potential future collaborations, and you might find that they’re interested in more than just drone footage.


Incorporating 2D video integration into your drone services can be a game-changer for your business. By offering drone imagery as an option in your proposals and expanding your service offerings, you can not only increase your drone sales but also generate additional income from satisfied clients. CloudPano’s innovative features make it easier than ever to captivate your audience and grow your business. So, seize the opportunity and start selling what your clients need – both now and in the future.

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