How do I transfer files from the Insta360 One R to my computer?

CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
5 min read
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Seamless Workflow: Effortless File Transfer with Insta360 One R

Unlock the full potential of your content by mastering the art of file transfer from your Insta360 One R to your computer.

In this guide, we'll explore two straightforward methods to ensure a seamless transfer process.

Method 1: USB Cable Connection

  • Capture Your Moments

Begin by capturing breathtaking moments with your Insta360 One R, ensuring you've documented every adventure and experience.

  • Connect via USB

Use the provided USB cable to connect your Insta360 One R to your computer. Once connected, your camera will appear as an external storage device.

  • Transfer with Ease

Open the camera's storage folder on your computer, select the files you wish to transfer, and drag them to your preferred location. It's that simple!

Method 2: MicroSD Card and Card Reader

  • Access Your MicroSD Card

Power off your Insta360 One R and remove the microSD card from its designated slot.

  • Insert into Card Reader

Place the microSD card into a compatible card reader connected to your computer. Your computer will recognize the card as external storage.

  • Drag and Drop

Open the microSD card folder, locate your files, and drag them to your desired location on your computer. Enjoy the flexibility of managing your content outside the camera.

Optimize Your Workflow

  • Organize Your Files

Create folders on your computer to categorize your Insta360 One R content, making it easy to locate specific files.

  • Backup Strategically

Regularly back up your footage to prevent data loss. Leverage external hard drives or cloud storage solutions for added security.

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Effortless file transfer is the cornerstone of a streamlined content creation process. By mastering these simple methods, you can ensure that your Insta360 One R footage is readily accessible for editing, sharing, and preserving your cherished memories.

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