Does the One X3 support voice commands?

CloudPano Editorial Team
April 30, 2024
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Unveiling Its Control Features

Are you curious about the control capabilities of the Insta360 One X3? In this blog post, we'll delve into one aspect of its control features: voice commands. Discover whether the One X3 supports voice control and explore alternative methods for commanding this innovative camera. Let's dive in and unravel the intricacies of controlling the Insta360 One X3.

Exploring Control Features: The Absence of Voice Commands on the Insta360 One X3

The Insta360 One X3 offers a range of control options, but does it support voice commands? Let's address this query directly:

Does the One X3 Support Voice Commands?

No, voice control is not a feature of the Insta360 One X3. While the camera provides various other methods for control, such as the mobile app, device buttons, Bluetooth remote, and connected computer, voice commands are not included in its repertoire.

Alternative Control Methods on the Insta360 One X3

  1. Mobile App Control: Leverage the power of the Insta360 mobile app for seamless and wireless control of the One X3. Adjust settings, and frame shots, and edit footage on the go.
  2. Device Buttons: The One X3 is equipped with physical buttons on the device itself, offering direct control for quick adjustments and spontaneous captures.
  3. Bluetooth Remote: For a hands-free experience, connect a Bluetooth remote to the One X3, expanding your creative possibilities.
  4. Connected Computer: Take control to the next level by connecting the One X3 to your computer, providing a comprehensive interface for advanced settings and content management.

Where to Find the Insta360 One X3:

Discover the diverse control options of the Insta360 One X3 on Insta360's official website. While voice commands may not be part of its features, the camera offers a multitude of other controls to elevate your creative experience.

Elevate Your Control, Elevate Your Creativity: Explore the Insta360 One X3 Today!

Empower your creative journey with the Insta360 One X3 and its versatile control options. Whether through the mobile app, device buttons, Bluetooth remote, or connected computer, the One X3 puts you in command of your filmmaking experience. Explore it here and redefine the way you capture and create!


The absence of voice commands on the Insta360 One X3 doesn't limit its control capabilities. While voice control may not be a feature, the camera offers a diverse array of alternative control methods, ensuring that creators have the tools they need to capture their world effortlessly. From the intuitive mobile app to physical buttons on the device, a Bluetooth remote, or a connected computer, the Insta360 One X3 invites users to explore and command their creative process with versatility.

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