Can the Insta360 One RS take regular non-360 videos?

Capturing Standard Videos with the Insta360 One RS: The Power of the 4K Wide Angle Mod

The Insta360 One RS is not confined to the boundaries of 360-degree capture.

Let's explore how the 4K wide-angle mod transforms this camera into a versatile tool for shooting standard videos:

1. 4K Wide Angle Mod

Equipped with the 4K wide-angle mod, the Insta360 One RS provides users with the flexibility to capture standard field-of-view videos. This mod offers a more traditional perspective, perfect for vlogging, action shots, or any scenario where a broader view is desired.

2. Seamless Integration

The transition from 360-degree to standard video is seamless with the Insta360 One RS. The 4K wide-angle mod easily attaches to the camera, giving users the ability to switch between different shooting modes effortlessly.

3. Ideal for Various Scenarios

Whether you're documenting a travel adventure, creating engaging vlogs, or capturing fast-paced action, the 4K wide-angle mod ensures that the Insta360 One RS is your go-to camera for any scenario.

How to Capture Standard Videos with the Insta360 One RS

Getting started with capturing standard videos on the Insta360 One RS is straightforward:

  1. Attach the 4K wide-angle mod to the camera.
  2. Open the Insta360 app on your smartphone.
  3. Connect your Insta360 One RS to the app.
  4. Select the desired shooting mode for standard videos.
  5. Begin capturing your moments in stunning detail.


In response to the question, "Can the Insta360 One RS take regular non-360 videos?" – the answer is yes, thanks to the 4K wide-angle mod. This feature expands the creative horizons of the Insta360 One RS, making it a versatile companion for capturing standard field-of-view videos.

Ready to explore the versatility of the Insta360 One RS? Visit the official Insta360 website to learn more about the camera and its 4K wide-angle mod. Elevate your creative possibilities with a camera that seamlessly transitions between 360-degree and standard video capture.

The Insta360 One RS, with its 4K wide-angle mod, proves that versatility knows no bounds. Capture your moments in stunning detail, whether in 360 degrees or standard field of view, with this innovative action camera.

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