CloudPano Property Data Collection

Supercharge your AMC and appraisals with the CloudPano PDC Software and National Service network. CloudPano Property Data Collection services facilitate the adoption of Fannie Mae's Value Acceptance + Property Data initiative and Freddie Mac's ACE+ PDR program by lending institutions.

Premier solution for all Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs) seeking to modernize appraisals.

Transform Your Property Evaluations: The Future of Appraisal Technology

3D Floor Plan

Offers immersive, interactive 3D visuals covering all accessible interior areas and exteriors, providing a comprehensive perspective.

2D Floor Plan

Delivers detailed, ANSI-compliant 2D floor plans including exterior walls and accurate gross living area (GLA) measurements.

Property Photos

A complete photographic inventory, encompassing every interior space and the exterior, supplemented by views of the surrounding street.

Standardized Property Information Gathering At Scale

Our Property Information Gathering (PIG™) system guarantees rapid and precise data acquisition and reporting, aligning with the data requirements of both Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae for inspection exemption and mixed appraisal options. This enables lenders to expand their operations nationwide with:
Adaptability — Effortlessly transition eligible loans to the agency offering the program that best suits the borrower's needs.
Efficiency — Streamline underwriting processes and achieve turnaround times up to 50% quicker than traditional appraisals.
Affordability — PIG costs significantly less than traditional appraisals, offering savings for borrowers.
Dependability — PIG earns trust with its digital GLA-powered data collection, advanced technological support, and thorough quality assurance.
Support — Ensure the successful deployment and expansion of agency initiatives.
GSE Agency Integrations — Direct automatic submission of PIG data to Freddie Mac's bACE API and Fannie Mae's Property Data API.

National Service Coverage and Standardized Software To Scale Quickly

Our CloudPano Property Data Collection service and nationwide network service features professional, certified, and vetted service providers. Along with our committed quality assurance team and responsive customer support staff.

Appraisal Modernization
With 3D Technology

Property Information Gathering effortlessly complements our Hybrid Appraisal and Completion Report offerings, preparing lenders for potential upgrades with:
Hybrid Appraisal — Utilizes the UDC data set for the completion of 1004 Hybrid/70H appraisals by professional appraisers.
Completion Report — In cases where Freddie Mac's ACE+ PDR identifies properties in C5 or C6 condition or Q6 quality, our skilled collectors compile data to confirm the completion of necessary repairs or alterations for eligibility.
Prompt Report Delivery
Leveraging our ClearInsight™ mobile application, our expert collectors swiftly compile the UDC data set, ensuring report delivery within 3 days.*
Comprehensive 2D Layout & GLA
Access to a CubiCasa floor plan and a digital GLA measurement that meets ANSI standards for unmatched precision.
User-Friendly Report Format
The final report is presented in an easy-to-read PDF format, encompassing all required data sets, photographs, a floor plan, and GLA details.
Stringent Quality Control
UDC undergoes thorough checks by both human and automated systems, with our valuation tools providing complete and dependable information for lenders.
Extensive National Reach
We offer extensive service coverage, reaching 97% of locations nationwide with over 4,200 skilled and vetted data collectors.
Flexible Request Options
Place orders through, via Encompass® or other order management system integrations, or seamlessly incorporate into loan origination and point of sale systems using our Property Valuation API.