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Virtual Tour vs Video Tour: Which is Better for Real Estate?

Virtual Tour vs Video Tour: Which is Better for Real Estate Marketing? Virtual tours and video tours have become popular tools for real estate businesses to showcase their properties to potential buyers. But which one is better for real estate marketing? In this article, we'll explore the differences between virtual tours and video tours and help you decide which one is right for your business. Virtual Tours Virtual tours are interactive tours that allow potential buyers to explore a property in a 360-degree view. These tours provide a realistic and immersive experience, allowing viewers to see every corner of the property and get a better understanding of the layout and features. Virtual tours are typically created using specialized software and can be customized with branding, music, and narration. Video Tours Video tours are pre-recorded videos that showcase a property. These tours provide a guided tour of the property, highlighting its features and layout. Video tours can be created using a variety of equipment, from smartphones to professional cameras, and can be edited to include music, narration, and other effects. Advantages and Disadvantages Virtual tours and video tours are both popular methods used in various industries to showcase properties, travel destinations, museums, and more. While they share similarities in providing immersive experiences remotely, they also have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Let's explore them: Advantages of Virtual Tours: Immersive experience: Virtual tours offer a highly immersive experience, allowing users to navigate and explore space in a lifelike manner. They can move around, look in different directions, and get a sense of the space's layout and ambiance.Interactive exploration: Virtual tours often provide interactive elements such as hotspots, annotations, and multimedia content, enhancing the user's engagement. Users can click on specific points of interest, access additional information, or view related images and videos.Convenience and accessibility: Virtual tours can be accessed from anywhere at any time, eliminating the need for physical presence. Users can explore properties, tourist destinations, or museums remotely, making it convenient for people who are unable to visit in person due to distance, time constraints, or physical limitations.Cost-effective: Creating a virtual tour can be a cost-effective solution compared to organizing physical tours or exhibitions. It reduces expenses associated with travel, accommodation, setup, and maintenance of physical spaces.Disadvantages of Virtual Tours: Lack of physical presence: Virtual tours cannot replicate the tangible aspects of a space, such as the sensation of touch, smell, or the overall atmosphere. This limitation can affect the overall experience, particularly for certain properties or destinations where these sensory elements are crucial.Technical requirements: Virtual tours may require specific hardware or software to be accessed and experienced properly. Users might need a stable internet connection and compatible devices, which could pose challenges for those with limited resources or technical expertise.Potential limitations in detail: Depending on the quality and resolution of the virtual tour, there may be limitations in capturing fine details of the space or object. This can impact the viewer's ability to examine intricate features or textures closely.Advantages of Video Tours: Visual storytelling: Video tours can effectively convey the ambiance, atmosphere, and unique characteristics of space through visual and auditory elements. They allow for storytelling techniques, showcasing the property or destination in a compelling and engaging manner.Dynamic presentation: Video tours can incorporate dynamic camera movements, transitions, music, voice-overs, and other effects to enhance the overall presentation. This can create an emotional connection with the audience and leave a lasting impression.Flexibility in editing: Video tours provide flexibility in terms of editing and post-production, allowing for the inclusion of various visual effects, annotations, and captions. This can help highlight key features, provide additional context, or customize the content for different audiences.Disadvantages of Video Tours:L limited interactivity: Unlike virtual tours, video tours typically do not offer interactivity or the ability to explore the space in real-time. Viewers are limited to the perspective and content provided by the video creator, which may not align with everyone's interests or preferences.Lack of real-time information: Video tours are pre-recorded, meaning they may not reflect the most up-to-date information or changes in the property or destination. This can potentially lead to discrepancies between what is shown in the video and the current state of the space.Difficulty in capturing spatial perception: Videos may struggle to accurately represent the dimensions and proportions of a space. It can be challenging to convey a sense of scale or depth compared to experiencing a place in person or through a virtual tour.Both virtual tours and video tours have their own strengths and weaknesses, and the choice between them depends on the specific goals, target audience, and resources available for implementation.

Create And Display Virtual Tours In 360 and VR

CloudPano 360° virtual tour software empowers you to create 360° virtual tours. Quickly create interactive virtual tours hassle-free. With a few clicks, you can upload, connect and publish a 360° immersive experience. No coding required. Get started today, its free. Click here.

How CloudPano Works

Create a 360° virtual tour with our easy three-step process.



Capture photos in 360

The Best 3D Virtual Tour Software For Real Estate


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The Best 3D Virtual Tour Software For Real Estate


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Getting Started

What is a 360 Virtual Tour?

A 360 virtual tour on CloudPano is a real estate marketing tool to view and share a space in an immersive 360 environment. With a smartphone, the CloudPano viewer responds to your movement. This creates a responsive and immersive view of the property. Create your first 360 virtual tour in 5 minutes or less.

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When you publish a 360 virtual tour on, you will automatically receive a code based link. You can embed your tour right onto your website. We host the tour, you show it off to the world.

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Simple 3D Tour Creation

Create your first tour in under five minutes.

Upload photos using a drag-and-drop interface. Click a single button to set an initial view for each scene. Add hotspots to navigate your tour.

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Customize your logo

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Set initial view

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Re-order scenes


Share In Full 360 and VR

Share and display on any smart device out of the box - no app required

Give meaningful experiences to your viewers. Built-in motion sensing capabilities and VR-goggle modes work right in the mobile browser. Reach your customer on any platform. Simply share your virtual tour with a single URL link.

Popular Features

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Google Cardboard

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No app to download

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VR/Motion Navigation

Customize Your Tour Branding

Add logos, hotspot navigation and more

Use linked hotspots to teleport between scenes. Add your logo and establish your brand.

Popular Features

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Customize Your Logo

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Contact Information

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Share on social media

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Keep Your Custom URL

White-label your virtual tour

Use your own website domain

Remove all references of Use your own logo and keep your website domain. Easily use your own URL. Add 360 virtual tours into your business and keep our name hidden.

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Customize Your URL

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Customize Your Logo

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Remove CloudPano Branding

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The Perfect Software Toolkit For Virtual Tour Entrepreneurs

Start a Local 360 Virtual Tour Business


Add Virtual Reality Marketing To Current Business


A Simple Software Solution To Power Your Virtual Tour Revenue

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Private Label / White Label - Keep Your Website Domain Name and Protect Your Brand

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Add or Embed Your Published 360 Virtual Tours Directly To Your Website or Blog (Wordpress Compatible)

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Present Your 360 Tours In A Virtual Reality Headset

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International Hosting On Local Server Networks (Speed Guaranteed) is a Virtual Tour Software built for entrepreneurs, photographers and real estate brokers. You will be empowered to create world class 360/VR virtual tours quickly, market real estate at a high level AND keep your brand on the front of tour. If you are looking for a 360 virtual tour software built for the business owner - you are in the right place.

Simple Pricing

Build a 360 virtual tour for free. Make the tour your own for a few dollars. One time fee, hosted tour for life.



Per Tour
Expires in 120 days
  • Unlimited 360 Photos
  • Share Anywhere
  • Gyroscope-enabled Motion Control
  • Add Branding and Logo
  • Hotspots and Infospots
  • Three Free Tour Limit



Per month
Never expires
  • Remove "Made by CloudPano" watermark
  • Embed On Your Website
  • Unlimited 360 Photos
  • Share Anywhere
  • Gyroscope-enabled Motion Control
  • Add Branding and Logo
  • Hotspots and Infospots



Per month, Paid annually
Learn More
  • Complete access to CloudPano's 360 tour creator
  • Unlimited tours
  • Life-time tours - no expiration
  • White-label/Bring your own URL
  • 8K/High-def premium photo uploads
  • Google Analytics
  • Embed HTML and Media
  • CloudPano Live Video Chat
  • MLS-Compliant Tour Cloning
  • Ambient Sounds and Music
  • Tour Privacy Settings
  • Lead Capture Tool


Custom Partnership Solutions
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  • Enterprise Partnership Access
  • Custom Integrations
  • Unlock Team Work Flows
  • Industry Specific Feature Customization
  • Dedicated Account Managment
  • CloudPano Live For Sales Teams
  • Custom Training
  • Hardware Onboarding
  • Host Account Bundles
  • Branded Experience Management

CloudPano Pro User Testimonials

The technology is pretty amazing and the finished 3D tour is high definition. The tours played well on everything from a desktop to a cellphone. Highly recommended.

Donald Pierce - Realtor
Houston Texas

I just pitched a $2.5 Million dollar FSBO with the VR headset and CloudPano software. I impressed the client, built rapport and added value with the VR presentation. It's marketing like that this that makes you stick out amongst your competition... and ultimately this moves property at a high level.

Carmello Pronesti
Palm Harbor, Florida

This technology changes the game. My customers are very excited about it. And I know when my customers are excited about it, I am going to make some more money.

Mark Mckinney - Real Estate Photographer
River Oak Media Fort Worth Texas

360 tours are an easy way to upsell my clients on location. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to create a virtual tour on

Brian Berkowitz
Shooting Spaces Podcast

CloudPano has a crisp and clean design. Plus the platform hosts the 360 virtual tours for me, so I can create tours quickly and get back to shooting.

Tony Thagard - Photographer
Gulf Coast, Alabama (Florida)

Being able to have a full 360 tour of my listings and show sellers how I can take marketing of their home to the next level is HUGE! I appreciate you and your team helping me out along the way answering any and all questions that I have had so far and I am excited to continue to implement and grow my business with the help of you and your team.

Logan Odom
Medford, Oregon

Common Questions

360 tour software
How many virtual tours can I create with a Pro Plus plan?
360 tour software
What type of photos do I need to create a 360 tour on CloudPano?
CloudPano requires 360 photos with a 2:1 aspect ratio.
360 tour software
What type of camera do I need to capture a 360 photo for a 360 tour?
We recommend a single shot 360 camera. Most 360 cameras work well and output the required 360 photo. CloudPano is compatible with any 360 photo output.
360 tour software
How many photos are needed to create a 360 virtual tour?
You only need one photo to get started.
360 tour software
Can we share CloudPano tours on the MLS?
Yes, you can customize CloudPano virtual tours to show, or remove, branding based on your MLS requirements.
360 tour software
Can I share these virtual tours in a VR headset?
Yes, every 360 tour created with CloudPano has the option to be viewed in VR mode.

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