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Introduction to ADA Compliance and Accessibility at CloudPano

We are committed to making virtual tours accessible to all users, adhering to the standards set by the ADA, WCAG, Section 508, and other accessibility guidelines. We ensure that our tours are navigable with screen readers, offer high-contrast environments, and can be accessed in an ADA-compliant format by appending '/accessible' to the tour URL.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

CloudPano's Educational Commitment: Focusing on Schools and Universities

CloudPano places special emphasis on educational institutions, offering ADA-compliant solutions tailored for schools and universities. Our accessible virtual tours are designed to ensure that students and faculty with disabilities have equal access to educational content.

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Advanced Accessibility with the ADA Widget

The CloudPano ADA accessibility widget enhances user experience through features like contrast adjustment, link highlighting, text size and spacing adjustments, animation pausing, dyslexia-friendly options, and more. These tools provide a customizable and accessible experience for every user.
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Dashboard mockup

Custom Solutions for Unique Accessibility Requirements

CloudPano recognizes that certain projects, especially from governments and universities, may have unique accessibility needs. Our Enterprise Solutions team is equipped to provide custom development to meet these specific requirements, ensuring compliance and enhanced accessibility for all users.

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